Documenting an Angel of a Trade – Part 6 of 6

This is only my second post in October.  Maybe I’ll get into why that is another time.  All I’ll really say is that I’m now even farther behind on everything.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a couple newer trades that still have not been showcased, and more new trades have come in the past couple weeks and some others are pending.  Life has been okay from that standpoint.  Depending on what happens otherwise, hopefully I can get myself to start catching up on those trades throughout the next couple months.  I’d really like to get myself to a point where I can be a little proactive with initiating more trades from blog want lists, but I don’t know when that will be.

For now, I can at least be satisfied to finally finish up this trade with Tom over at The Angels, In Order. The first part was put up on May 30th, if you can believe it…. He sent me a ton of John Lackey and Tony Gwynns.  If you want to review the first part, you can do so here.  Second part here.  Third, here.  Fourth, here. Fifth, here.

Let’s take a look at the best of the rest!

That shape bugs me

Starting with one of those sets with a name that I’m sure is full of good intentions but also full of players that don’t actually fit the moniker.

UD = Bland, gray stars

It also really bothers me when a set is something like this “Signature Stars” and yet there are no autographs on this card (or most in the product).

From the non-update set – He’d have a Red Sox card in that

No silly name here. Just a design that a lot of people dislike.  I don’t. It’s not incredible or anything, but I tend to think some of the backlash is also partly a reaction to the exclusive license pairing with a lackluster look.

No logos here, so this card is safe for distribution at least

Honestly, the UD design isn’t terrible.  Maybe I’ve said otherwise in other posts, but that’s my current feeling.

Okay, that finishes up Lackey, but we have a few more Gwynns, so let’s step back a few years.

The others were blue and pink borders (w/different pictures)

In one of the other posts, I showed off two other Kay-Bee issues. If I were smart, I would have lumped them all together. But I’m not, and so here you go!

Never actually won MVP

I love the mini sets/cereal boxes or whatever you call them.  You’d think it would be a good thing to bring back in the holiday season, marketed as a stocking stuffer type item.

The back pocket gloves gives his elbow some flair

This isn’t referencing any specific record – just the name of the set. The back has the normal stats. The front has those rocking shades.

Too computer-y for me

Jump from ’88 to ’93 and I personally felt this look was a big step down from 1992.  The gold parallels felt cheaper too.

Odds are this is was a hit

1994, I can get down with.  Underrated and understated.

Wrong way to do orange

One of the things that drew me into Fleer Ultra was the one insert per pack thing they started.  Almost all of them looked good, and it was cool to have a better chance at getting a star player in the pack.

Wrong way to do a gold medallion

What I kind of didn’t like was that they made parallels of the inserts at, I believe, 1:36 pack odds at least.  They aren’t much different and the foil isn’t gold, and they were too much money to buy at a card show way back then.  Not now!

Scanning the flag is tougher

I like subsets, but they are so far removed from what we now see in baseball sets, that it’s actually confusing when I receive them. Sometimes it can take a little while to figure out that this is part of the regular set and not an insert I can’t find on my list.

The collector’s choice

Oh wow! We’re already at the end, and we close out the trade with StarQuest.  One of my favorite, and occasionally despised, insert sets.  I loved the large set size, but didn’t love the varied rarity. Some of those were really tough. Are still really tough!  The one stars, I can handle, and thanks to Tom, I can handle this one in person.

Thanks a lot again, Tom, for the great trade. Sorry it took so long to sift through it all, but it was a lot of cards.  If and when we get to do it again, I’ll try to be a bit faster.

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