Another Cheesy Ginter Trade Slice

It doesn’t feel like two months have passed, but that is just about how much time has elapsed between showing off the first 2018 trade I conducted with Chris of Nachos Grande fame and this second one.

I’m relatively positive that the gap between our two trades being finalized was shorter.  This second transaction was all about 2018 Allen & Ginter.  I opened two boxes, and I don’t know if I can count exactly how many boxes and blasters and packs he opened.  Either way, the end result was that we both still needed A&G stuff from each other.  So, I sent a small stack of inserts for his master set quest and I got…

These are glossier in person

…a good amount of the hot box silver cards.  Neither of my two were the 1-per case hot box, so this is great!

Love this image

I did buy into Tribe Cards’ charity Ginter case break, and that netted me a few of the silvers.

Hit bat doesn’t feel so good

But it was great to knock a few more so fast and so easily. I still might need one or two 2018 Cubs and I know I don’t have the Maddux or Thomas.

Kind of an evil genius type of smile

I don’t fully collect Theo, as I don’t have a checklist for him or anything, but I’m not going to pass them up either.

Based on his 2018 stats, still playing for the Cubs

It wouldn’t be Ginter without minis.  This lovely black border reminds me that I need the Fowler silver as well at some point.  Players switching teams adds a bit of a challenge at times.

Someone needs to wear his glasses

My boxes did yield a Maddux mini A&G back.  It’s not bad to grab the regular one so quickly.  I know it’s going to be a snail’s pace for the other 45 variations.

Thanks a lot for the quick and easy trades.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime in 2019!

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