The Cycle Continues

I just took some time off from blogging to update my 30+ player collection want lists.  With so many products coming out from Topps, Panini and random other stuff from Leaf and possibly others (ITG, Baseball Treasures, ???), it has become completely untenable to stay up to date and add new sets as they arrive.

It wasn’t hard to keep up when I was collecting the original 6, but as soon as the 2016 Cubs were added, it quickly became evident that I had to change things up.  My solution was to only add the cards I acquired for the current year and put that lovely bold disclaimer on my want list page saying ask if you want to be extra sure.  Then, after the year finished, I would go back and fill in the gaps for everything I needed that was released during that year. It’s a pain, but faster overall to do it in a big chunk of time instead of dozens of smaller chunks of time. I hope.

Adding all the 2018 cards took basically a full week, and I got it finished just in time to start the cycle again for 2019.

Dexter Fowler is on the front of this

Topps Series 1 starts off the new collecting season in just about a week or two. I’m not sure of the exact date. I’m still debating whether I should pick up one or two blasters or if I should just try to trade off the stuff I have to get my 2019s. I’m in the minority of people that thinks the design is not good.  I’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy 2019 cards, too.

Weird to see him in red

Plenty of cards to add to my want lists in a year like truck loads of minis that I would love to see vanish from packs altogether, or at least scale back in terms of number of parallels.

Love the blue on blue

Another year of Big League is coming and I’m sure I’ll be trying for that master set once again.  I just saw that the new sticker album looks promising.  I’m hoping that this year I can be a little more current and timely if and when I do buy new stuff.

Parallels of parallels

Another year of terrible, useless variations like the hundreds they cram into Donruss. Also another year of hundreds of new cards for long retired players. I added 210 new Frank Thomas cards to my want lists after 2018 for that year.  That needs to slow down, too.

Only need 26 more blues

And hopefully this year will not see anything like this where there was a 30-card set of Kris Bryant cards, complete with 3 more levels of parallels.  I think the card collecting landscape is starting to change, and 2019 might see some of those shifts change how sets are designed and configured. It will be an interesting year, and hopefully I’m ready for the cycle.

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