The Stupid Heat Win the Stupid Finals. Time For Non-Stupid Contest Results

Well, there’s one thing you can say for sure:  This contest isn’t fixed!

If it was, the Thunder would have won and things would have gotten a little more interesting.  As it stands, the Bizarro Avengers won the NBA Championship and the contest is over a couple days sooner than I hoped.

Let’s get down to it.

Only three of the 18 entrants guessed that the cry baby Miami Heat would win it all and inflate their egos to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon levels.

All four assumed that LeBron James would be the Finals MVP (it certainly wasn’t going to be the screeching dinosaur Chris Bosh!)

So, that leaves our third question as the deciding factor.  I asked what the combined point total would be for the clinching game.  Miami 121, Thunder 106 give us a grand total of 227 points.  Quite a high total these days, if you ask me.  Who came closest?

The Diamond King guessed:  169

Worth a shot, but didn’t get it done this time.

Ryan Kalmoe guessed:  201

That was close, but Ryan was edged out with the final entry of the contest, completed less than 45 minutes before the deadline, no less!  Your winner is:

Greg from Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle with a guess of 209 points.  Sorry Ryan.  Unfortunately, you now know how the contestants on The Price is Right feel when they’re outbid by a dollar.

Duy Fuy

But, congratulations Greg!  You win this fabulous Danny Ferry Autograph that I am very happy to rid myself of.  Hopefully it finds you well, or possibly finds you a trade partner for a card more to your liking.

I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest.  I want to thank Panini America for promoting it on Twitter and bringing some of you into the fold.  While you’re at it, please follow Greg’s blog and all the fine blogs found in our blog roll on the right hand side.  They’re mostly baseball oriented, but don’t hold that against them.  They’re good people.

Hopefully I’ll do this again in the near future.  Keep watching this space because you never know when the next contest will pop up.

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  • Wooooo! Thanks guys, and appreciate the blog plug! I’m especially happy because I picked the Heat and LeBron after they went down 3-2 and were headed to Boston. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with my address in case you need it.

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