I Guess We Should Post Something

“Well, well, well.

Look-y what we have here…Bloggers that tain’t been bloggin’ regular-like.  We don’t take kindly to your types around here.”

Or something like that.  I know none (or at least most) of you think that about us, but it’s how I like to imagine things in my head so I can keep the fire going.  You know, six-shooters makin’ ’em dance and all that sassafras.

Unfortunately, it’s been 2 whole weeks since we’ve published a word on the old blog.  How are we supposed to stay cool and hip and relevant if we sit in silence?  Obviously we can not!

The rest of this week, I’m going to hopefully open the spigot again.  Think of tonight as a primer to let you know we’re still here.  We’ve just been dealing with a few things, such as 5 cases of Topps series 2 (never again!) which took so much longer than you can ever imagine.  I mean, really really long.  I mean, I took 3 days off of work to deal with it and it still wasn’t enough long.

After that, Andy had his whole paying job thing to take care of and I have my job thing causing more hassles as I am now a 1-man department in what should be 3, so free time = work time.  I’ve also had people in from out of town to work on another project that I really want to announce, but can’t quite yet.  And I’m starting to look for a house.

Still, I think I’ll have time to get posts rolling again.  Here’s what you can expect in the next few days:  The announcement of my contest winner (You know the contest reminder that’s sat on the top of the blog for the past 2 weeks?  That one.  Not going to link it, since you’re all sick of seeing it by now); A new collection announcement; a Topps Series 2 review and breakdown; A trade post (yay!); and more???

Sorry for the all-text non-post post, but sometimes there’s only a few raindrops before the flood.  Metaphors!

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