Upper Deck Community Break Box #1: 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck

Aaaaaannnd, we’re off!  For those of you who are new to the breaks, I’ll ask you to be patient.  The breaking of the boxes is the easy part.  I taped the whole thing, box by box, and those HD videos take a long time to upload (at least an hour each).

I’ve also been having computer issues where it seems like my computer shuts itself off automatically if I try to multi-task or use a medium amount of processing power.  That didn’t use to happen, and I know for a fact it’s not a CPU fan issue.  It’s a really old machine, but if someone has ideas, I’m open to hearing them.  May be time to upgrade.  Anyway, what that means is I can upload to YouTube, but don’t risk trying to do anything else while that’s happening.  So, scanning and sorting unfortunately comes after.

My hope is to have a box posted each day.  Don’t hold me to that, though.  I’ll honestly try my best.  Let’s get started!

Frankenstorm ain't got nothin' on this box

It’s worth mentioning each and every time, all of these boxes are courtesy of our good friends and Community Break Sponsor: BASEBALL CARD EXCHANGE

Why go anywhere else?

Who wants to watch a video?

For those unable or too lazy to watch, I have all the inserts scanned below.

Harnessing the power of Violet Beauregarde

First, here’s an example of your base card.  With only 25 cards in the set, I’m pretty sure we got at least one of each.  Most of you will be getting doubles.  The regular CDs will come out to a near-full set.  25 CDs in the set, 24 packs per box, and 5 of those were inserts.  Still, not a bad percentage.

"Manufactured" PowerDeck

This is the back.  You can see the same picture from the front is used without team color filters.

Powerfully shiny

The inserts come in two varieties.  They have cardboard versions and the CD versions.  The same checklist and insert names appear in both.  It’s a very limited checklist overall but that’s okay.  The Time Capsule are 1:23 packs.  There’s another very tough insert called Most Valuable Performances, but those come 1:287 packs.  We weren’t that lucky.

I love the individual casings

We lucked out and got two Time Capsule CDs (same odds).  If you watch the video, you’ll know the McGwire CD is a box-topper that’s in every single box.  I know a lot of players are featured on the disc, but Mark is pictured, so I’m giving it to the Cardinals.

If anyone gives these a spin in your computer, please let me know how it turns out.  I’m afraid of what might happen in a more contemporary, faster drive.

Box one is in the books!  If your team is low on cards, don’t worry.  We still have seven more boxes to come.  I knew this wasn’t going to fill out most of your stacks. We have other products in here for that.  For the count, I’m putting the regular CDs into the “Base” pile.  Any of the player collection cards I get will not be counted below unless the team wasn’t claimed.

Team breakdown so far:
Anaheim Angels – Base:  3 –Inserts/Parallels: 0  –Hits: 0
Arizona Diamondbacks – BUCKSTORECARDS – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Atlanta Braves – Base:  7 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Baltimore Orioles – ANOTHER ORIOLES BLOG – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  2 –Hits:  0
Boston Red Sox – DADDYOHO – Base:  6 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Chicago Cubs – TIL NEXT YEAR – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  2 –Hits:  0
Chicago White Sox – MY SPORTS & SPORTS CARDS – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Cincinnati Reds – NICK M. – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Cleveland Indians – BASEBALL DAD – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Colorado Rockies – JOE AVERAGE COLLECTOR – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Detroit Tigers – THE CARD BANDIT – Base:  3 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Florida Marlins – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Houston Astros – FIELD LEVEL VIEW – Base:  3 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Kansas City Royals – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Los Angeles Dodgers – GCRL – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Milwaukee Brewers – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Minnesota Twins – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals – TRICKYANKLES – Base:  1 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
New York Mets – DUTCH CARD GUY – Base:  3 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
New York Yankees – DUTCH CARD GUY Base:  5 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Oakland Athletics – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  2 –Hits:  0
Philadelphia Phillies – ARFMAX – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Pittsburgh Pirates – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
San Diego Padres – Base:  3 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
San Francisco Giants – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Seattle Mariners – NICK M. – Base:  4 –Inserts/Parallels:  3 –Hits:  0
St. Louis Cardinals – MADDING – Base:  6 –Inserts/Parallels:  2 –Hits:  0
Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Base:  2 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Texas Rangers – PLAY AT THE PLATE – Base: 4  –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0
Toronto Blue Jays – DAVE – Base:  0 –Inserts/Parallels:  0 –Hits:  0

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