More Million Card Madness

Man I wish “card” started with an “M” so I could get the full alliteration going.

So, are you guys sick of the one-code a day thing yet?  Andy and I just picked up another 6 codes in our packs today and are considering just going hog-wild on the website.  What do you all think?

I’m also going to put this up to a group vote.  We got our first trade request on the Topps site.

Not exactly Sophie's Choice, but Jody's fate is in your hands

-Rick isn’t scowling at us
-we’ll get to trade on the website
-can’t go wrong with facial hair
-we may be helping someone complete a set

-Jody played for our home team Cubs and Waits would now be considered our rival (even though he was A.L. then)
-83 is older than 84
-Davis is a much better player despite him not being all that good himself.

So, loyal viewer(s), do we dare give up Ms. Davis for Mr. Waits?  Whichever path gets the most votes by the end of Monday in the comment section will be done.  And if it’s a tie, ummm….we’ll flip a coin I guess.  Heads will be keep; tails, trade.

Alright.  Now, onward to today’s code!  Will the real single season home run king Roger Maris let me down?

Don't look TOO excited now, Phil

No, he did not.  This will not be traded for a third-string relief pitcher, I can tell you that right now.  It may not be the oldest card we’ve unlocked, but it sure can be called the best.

I’m really digging this promotion so far.  Out of the 6 cards we’ve unlocked, 3 of them have been from the 1970s and NONE from the 1990s.  How’s that for beating the odds.  And we get ourselves an actual MLB Hall of Famer, not just a team/college HOFer (no offense, Mr. Lynn).  I’m very happy we didn’t get the 1987 Niekro, and even happier to get a vintage card that’s a big enough name to actually be listed in Beckett ($6 if you put any stock in to such things, and you really probably shouldn’t).

What new, exciting cards are still to come?  Stick with us and find out.  Get it?  Stick. Community Gum.  Forget it.

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