Million Card Impatience!

As expected, I couldn’t hold up my end of the one-a-day thing. I’m justifying it by the fact that these two gems come from the Million Card Giveaway card brandishing Roger Maris’s angry mug. We didn’t get anyone of his stature, but I’m quite pleased with the result.

Code 1:

Tony-O the Tiger... err... Twin.

A cause for debate among many (especially in the midwest), Tony is not in the Hall of Fame. But a name I recognized immediately, so he’s certainly got some value to collectors. I think we’re really making a case for having these shipped to us. I’m extremely curious about condition… But for now, on to the next card!

Code 2:

Any relation to David Segui?

The only player to play for both the Seattle Pilots and the Seattle Mariners… and in the first games for both franchises! Not to mention he also played for both the Kansas City Athletics and the Oakland Athletics. Pretty amazing. Also, to answer my own question, he is indeed the father of Mitchell Report-indicted journeyman David Segui, who was born in said Kansas City in 1966.

David Segui played mainly in the 1990s, so that seems a good a segue (pun!) into the fact that we have yet to hit a 1990s whammy in this sweepstakes. And really only one card from the overproduction era. Though we’re a couple of 1950s short prints away from something worth bragging about, but I daresay we’ve beaten the odds. My desire to enter all the codes right now is overwhelming, and I hope this blog respects the efforts to which I’ve gone to resist. Good day, sir.

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