Trading with Reader Steve

Not too long ago, Reader Steve emailed me offering up some extra Maddux cards he had laying around. After probably the quickest agreement I can imagine making, his package to me was on the way. I had to raid my parents’ basement to put his together, so even though I got his mail over a week ago, I’m just this week sending mine out to him. He deserves better (and a quicker post) after what he sent.

So, what did I get, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Kind of like "Where's Waldo?" but without the pictures

Here’s the most unique aspect of the trade. These aren’t officially on my want list, but they definitely fit and will be happy to place them in the binder. Four checklists, all featuring Greg’s name somewhere on there. Not his picture, mind you, just his name. The fact that he took the time to look through these to include in the batch shows the quality of trader we’re dealing with here.

That's not how you bunt!

What gives him more power -- the bat or the mullet?

Reader Steve took a good look at the post announcing my collections, because he also threw in a couple to help start up my quirk collection of pitcher’s batting. There’s Pedro Martinez in a design I know from my basketball days as Z-Force. I guess the baseball version is Circa? The mere concept of a pitcher batting is destroying the world around him!

Then there’s Randy Johnson possibly getting brushed back. Better watch it who you pitch inside to, there. The back also reminds me that Randy had a short stint with the Astros where he went 10-1 with a 1.28 ERA and 4 shutouts. Before that trade, he was 9-10.

Still better than Strasburg so far.

Here’s another one that can be filed under “H” for How Do I Not Have This Yet? The sweet, soothing stylings of 1991 Bowman comes through with the awkward ass dimple at the bottom. Bowman was so innocent back then – before it hit the terrible ‘92s.

Triple Shiny

1998 All Topps Pitchers. Maddux finds himself in the middle of a strikeout sandwich. All Greg’s doing is providing a 2.22 ERA. You know, the usual.

Maddux, I choose you

Okay, it may not be a Pokemon card, but it is a card game. Apparently there’s another version of this red shiny card, but I don’t know how it can be better than this tricked out sucker. No idea how to play this game, but I’m guessing that Control: 5 is tops.

Ahh, mid-90s inserts. Consider me home.

This one didn’t scan well.  It’s not nearly as technicolor as it appears, but rather quite gray scale.  What’s most interesting about this one is the deceiving look and feel of it. The picture is glossy, but the background is not. Want to know what I’m talking about? He also sent a double along for me to trade, so this card could be yours too!

You don't want to know what Glavine's doing behind that glove

This is one of the best rotations you’ll ever hope to assemble. This is back when Steve Avery looked like he was going to have a career equally impressive as the other three chaps you see. Unfortunately, an injury derailed that and he then became merely serviceable, instead of dominant.

Another Porky Pig card

Upper Deck really likes those circles, don’t they? I’m not really sure what the concept is behind the Retro set (partly because this is the first one I’ve seen), but I like how thick the stock is. My guess is this is what their sets would have looked like if they were making sets in the old days. The card commemorates Maddux’s 200th victory. He would go on to add 155 more.

Overall, Reader Steve sent over 11 brand new GM’s, 4 checklists featuring GM and 2 pitchers batting. I didn’t feature them all, but I could have (and probably will eventually). Very cool stuff, and it’s all much appreciated. I have more to send your way, Steve, if you come across any more Professors. The want list is coming soon to a blog near you.

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