A Quick and Easy Trade with GG&G-U

While we’re waiting for Gint-A-Cuffs II to hit our mailbox (via the split case with Beardy & Moj0), why not revisit a little bit of last year’s product?

Not too long ago, Tommy over at Ginter, Gardner & Game-Used emailed me about a trade for some Ginter (what else?).  I know it’s passe these days, but this is the 2009 variety, of which I am still trying to accumulate, albeit slowly.

He saw on a few he was interested in on my to trade list, I threw in a couple Danilo Gallinari Knicks cards and the deal was done.

Out of the deal he was able to help me fill in some Yankee empty spaces I had in my ’09 Ginter set.

A hazy shade of Ginter

I have to say that I don’t think modified game photos are Ginter’s strong suit. The foreground blends in too much with the background it looks muddled. I guess these fancy pants Yankees were just too busy to pose for their pictures. That’s alright. Still good to add them.

Tommy was also nice enough to throw in some Maddux cards he had laying around. Here are a couple I didn’t have already.

Wind up...

On the back, there’s a quote from Jody Davis that reads, “He’s sneaky. He throws the ball right by guys who don’t think he can throw that hard. He’s one tough kid.” Later in his career he couldn’t throw all that hard, but that didn’t stop him from getting the ball past guys.

...and the pitch

What an awkward looking position. Doesn’t he look a little bit like one of those dinosaurs in this photo? You know the one.

This duck-billed herbavore can get the ball by you.

To complete the lesson, I will tell you that this is a Parasaurolophus, children. Okay. Time for recess.

Thanks, Tommy, for the easy-going trade!

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