Tales from the Cubs Binder, page 2

The second page in the Cubs binder I blindly bought almost 10 years ago yields little in the way of relief of the pain caused by the tragic first page. Alas, the results are eerily similar.

At least it's not Nic Jackson.

Hey look! George Bell! We liked him! Hey! Rod Beck! We LOVED him! I was saddened by his passing- what presence on the mound and I hear he was a great guy.

From there, it’s downhill. Worse than downhill, it’s a cliff. Jason Bere was perennially sucktacular. Jeff Blauser reached unprecedented levels of sucktitude at short and Brant Brown almost cost the Cubs the postseason in 1998. I was listening to the game on the radio when he dropped the routine fly that would have sent us into the postseason without the need for the one game playoff vs. the Giants (that, thankfull for Brant, we won). I swear I’ve never heard an old man more angry and sad than when Ron Santo screamed “OH NO!” as the ball popped out of Brant’s glove. Oh, the humanity. Apparently he’s the hitting coach somewhere but I didn’t bother to read the whole article I just linked to. Just like he didn’t bother to close his glove on that fly ball. ZING!

Roosevelt Brown is an interesting case. I actually thought he had some potential (evidently, so did Upper Deck). I have no idea where I got that idea, as his stats tell a very clear cut story of just not good enough. His 2000 stats must have been an anomaly.

The last guy on the page is in the upper left and I care so little about him that I’m not even going to pull the sheet off the scanner so I can read his name properly. I’m sure he was 13-7 the year before we traded some top tier prospect to get him and he posted a 6.57 ERA for us the next year. But that’s just a guess.

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