2010 Topps Football Case Break

Well, we took the plunge. After some research and critical thinking (i.e. “Those Rookie Premiere Autos look sweet!”), we talked with our new besties at Blowout Cards and got ourselves a fine deal on our case. Neither Jon nor I are football collectors (though, fantasy football has made me something of a football “follower”) so the idea was to buy a case and see if we could break even on it, all while having a great time busting it.

I can say one thing for sure: busting this case was fun as hell.

I can say another thing for sure: sorting this case was hell.

Seriously, it took me and Jon (with some help from my reluctant girlfriend) a combined 12 or so hours to bust and sort this mub. We started off by recording a sweet video break, which will be live shortly. Then we busted like madmen. Here are the goods from the case, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That's'a'lotta' rookie gold!

We got an inordinate amount of RC golds. The golds in general aren’t worth much, but getting 29 RC golds is about the best you can hope for. Especially when one of them is this guy:

Pretend to throw that ball, Ryan Reynolds!

So, the golds were pretty exciting. We also got a TO and LT gold, but for some reason I think those guy aren’t good anymore. Man, people fall off fast in football. Oooh, just came up with a new dig: “Man, that guy fell off faster than Stephen Strasburg’s arm!” ZING! J/K that’s not funny- it really is sad news about dude’s arm. Hope he gets well and comes back strong.

Speaking of coming back strong, how about some Topps Black RCs!

Think this guy is bummed he got drafted by a team who wil have the same QB for the next 10 years?

We got two more RC blacks (Koa Misi and Jonathan Crompton) but I didn’t have clever captions for those two so let’s just show off this one.

Let’s take a break from the “hits” for a while and discuss less exciting pulls.

Collation for this case was, while not atrocious, certainly not pleasing. We got only 3 base sets. We’re 2 cards (TWO CARDS!) away from a 4th set and maybe 30 away from a 5th. This makes me furious. At least we got 6 Tebows! Of the insert sets, we completed 2 Gridiron Lineage sets (20 cards each) and no other sets. We came 4 cards away from the 50-card ’52 Bowman set. It looks really awesome, if you ask me:

Pretend to throw that ball, (insert generic white guy here)!

 We also nearly completed a set of the 75th Draft set and, inexplcably, couldn’t pull the Brady from the stupid reprint set (there’s no numbering or anything… I had to look up what they were since I didn’t recognize any of the sets). Oh, and we kinda sorta beat the odds and got two of the RC SPs. I think I prefer the RC ones to the legends one from the baseball series. Maybe just because I’m getting tired of the nostalgia kick in baseball cards.

Pretend to jump and throw... oh forget it.

We also got the Bengals’ Jordan Shipley. A very Ohio case!

Okay, now onto the good stuff. Our relics were so-so at best. Only one rookie in the bunch (Jimmy Claussen) and your standard fare in vets. Here’s our best one, if only because it looks like there may be some dried blood on it if you look real close.

Jon smelled it, too. It was gross. Also, inconclusive.

 Oh, and one more little relic…

Holy Patch!

 Definitely the best relic we’ve ever pulled. It appears to be part of a letter or number. It was so awesome to pull that out of a pack.

Autos fared well for us too. Here’s all of them!

2010 Topps Football Peak Performance Autos

Look at all 12... I mean 8 of those!

Yes, we were shorted 3 autos total. We’ll take that up with Topps. But at least we scored this bad boy!

Any relation to the Sanderses that I actually know?

All in all, a really good case. On par with some of the good ones I’ve seen on the boards.

But wait.

There’s more.

You call that a sketch?!

It took us like an hour to figure out who the hell this was. It’s Earl Thomas, second draft pick of the Seahawks, in case you didn’t know. He signed it on both sides, which is rare for the ones I’ve seen so far. It’s also got that rip on the surface which others I’ve seen have and sucks. Hopefully the one-of-oneness helps people ignore its flaws. Either way, it’s a damn fun pull. As he was sifting through the pack that had it, Jon said “What the hell happened to this ca… oh damn!” It was classic.

So there you have it. Our video box break and full review are forthcoming, but we just couldn’t wait to share our great break with our loyal reader. Frank, wherever you are… this case is for you.

Almost all of these are on eBay. Some are on SportLots as well, if you’re interested in buying. Or trade us the cards we’re missing!

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