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Hey, everybody!  Once again, sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We’ve both been out of town for a wedding and didn’t have time to load up anything to run while we were gone.  I need to up my production, and I’m going to start by finally acknowledging my side of a trade completed with Nick at For Cards Sake.

How slow am I, you ask?  Well, consider that Nick posted his half back in August, and it’s now October!  What’s worse is that it’s a very quick trade and shouldn’t take much time for me to write up.  Well, since I’m still trying to make sure that all my trades get their own post, I guess occasional delays such as this are bound to happen.  Anyway, here are the goods.

Maybe I need a better scanner

I know it looks like Maddux is pitching in front of a Max Headroom backdrop, but that’s just my scanner at work.  I either need a new one or need to bump up the resolution some.  The card looks much more seizurely in person, although it is easier to notice how it lost the battle with the pack crimper.

He falls more on the "Leather" side

Donruss/Leaf/Whatever, I see, was already leaving plenty of open space on the card to place the relic that you are sure not to get.  I’m very glad that there’s coloring and a continuation of the design, but I wish Maddux wasn’t so tiny and scrunched off to the right just to make room for a giant mega-equals sign.

Very glad the Padres are out of the playoffs

Nick made a special trip to grab this card for me, which was an incredibly nice gesture and much appreciated.  I wasn’t too fond of the normal SP Authentic card, but this insert looks fine.  The foil could be more legible and the background could possibly have a little bit going on besides the gray ripples.  Still, it gets the job done – just like Maddux did with earning his 350th victory.  He was only the 9th player to do so.

Is there a better win total to start out with?

From win #350 to win #31.  This is my first Moments & Milestones card.  I’m still very apprehensive about this set in general.  I had considered buying an ebay lot of these, but with so many to try to obtain, the money I’d have to sink on this oddball product makes me think twice.  If the price was lower, I’d probably get a box, but for now I’m stuck with waiting for trades.

Here’s where the set falls apart for me.  They create a different card for each number up to the milestone the player reached, but the back I assume stays stagnant.  The back of this card doesn’t outline win #31, but rather talks about how Maddux hit win 300.  So, I’m going to rectify that.  With Baseball-reference’s help, every time I get one of these cards, I will try my best to outline that game’s specific performance.

Win #31
May 24, 1989 – Chicago Cubs @ Houston Astros.

Maddux came one out away from his third consecutive complete game, but with a 3-0 lead going into the ninth, Maddux gave up 3 of his 9 hits to allow a run to score.  Mitch Williams was brought in and got his 12th save of the early season to give the first place Cubs a 3-1 win.  Mad Dog’s record improved to 3-5 as he struck out 3, walked 4, and allowed the 1 ER.  On the offensive side, Greg was 1 for 3 with a Sac hit, but all the RBIs belonged to Shawon Dunston who hit a two-run single in the top of the 4th with 2 outs.  The other run came on Damon Berryhill’s GIDP, which scored Ryne Sandberg in the 6th.  It was the Cub’s third straight win.

I think I’m going to enjoy revisiting these games, so bring on the M&Ms!

I’ll be back more frequently, and I do need to give other trades their due respect still, so if you’re waiting for your name to pop up, please be patient.  I’m getting there.  Once again, a big thanks to Nick.  Go check out his blog and trade some Yankees to the guy, will ya?

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