Something Wicked (Ortega) This Way Comes

I’m sure I’m not the first to use that headline, but so what?

Way back in the long, long ago Wicked Ortega over at My Past Time…….I Love It!! posted a little something about giving away free basketball cards.  Being the opportunistic chap that I am, I put in my hat for any Bulls cards that might be laying around.

Here’s what I got a little while ago from the (so far) one-way exchange

His Airness

I bought up packs of these two sets more than any other.  I even bought a box of the European version of the 91-92 Upper Deck as a kid.  So, even though I have all of these, it’s still really cool to see them all again in an environment that isn’t my binder.

Just a small fraction of the goods

I tried to pick the best card of every player from the Dynasty era that I could find, while still representing the diversity of the package he sent.

Of course, you have to have the Zen Master Phil Jackson at the top.  He didn’t have his mustache yet, so no need for that tiny rake.
Next is Scottie Pippen.  Same set, but the oldest Pippin I got.
Stacy King, current TV color man for the team, “Posterizin'” himself.  I love the way the crowd looks, presumably from a well-timed flash photo.
Dickey Simpkins.  I’ve heard tales he frequents the suburb gyms and is rocking countless pick-up games and apparently is very, very intense about them.  Here, he’s chillin’.  One of the best Emotion cards ever!
A Finest B.J. Armstrong!  You can’t get much bette.  And it hasn’t been peeled!
Toni Kukoc.  This card is from a set I both love and hate.  The inserts were awesome, but the subsets (like this series 2 abomination) killed the regular set.
The black Steve Kerr.  Craig Hodges was absolutely viscious with that money ball in his hands.
Jud Buechler is making the most of his opportunity to actually touch the basketball.  Although, he does look confused as to what to do with it.
Lastly, we have Will Perdue being the most animated he probably ever was on the court.

This kid HATES Cleveland

I didn’t just get old Bulls.  I also got a couple contemporary players.  Along with a bunch of other cards from the Hot Prospects set.

CP3, oh!

If I were to start collecting basketball cards heavily again.  I think the players I collected would have to include Chris Paul and Kevin Durant.  I don’t know which Bull I would pick.  I like Noah because he’s sort of a budding Rodman type.  Rose would be too much competition.  I dunno.  I’m not thinking about it.  I’ll still to my 95-96 insert quest (see the want list if you have any) for now.

The Longest Nickname in Sports History Machine

In with the rest of the package were a couple legends of the hardwood.  First is the only guy who had the potential to out-dunk Jordan.

Shooting at the walls of cardboard, bang bang.

And then we have this beauty!  I don’t care if it’s all beat to hell.  I never would have dreamed of owning a Pete Maravich card as a kid.  He’s easily one of my all-time favorite players.  My jaw dropped a little when I saw this was included.


Lastly, for you baseball types, here’s a small handful of the Cubs cards that he threw in there out of the kindness of his heart.  Love the Ramirez die cut and non up there.  The Sosa card kind of makes it look like he died and it’s a cheesy tribute thing.  Oh, and if you’re ever in Chicago, go to Hot Doug’s and get the Dave Kingman dog.  It is amazing!

I really hit the jackpot with this package.  Many, many thanks go out to the Wicked one.  Now, if someone can email me his address.  I mistakenly threw out the envelope before writing it down and I’d like to return the favor somewhat.

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