2010 Topps Update Case Break Highlights

Between work schedules, wedding planning, various social obligations, and other personal matters, Andy and me have been out of the blogging commission for a little over a week now, but since this is Halloween and all, I’m going to disguise myself as a blogger who posts regularly.

In our latest attempt to flip cases in order to feed our pack-ripping addiction and hopefully have some profit to buy other cards with, we turned to our good friends over at Blowout Cards.  We picked up a case of the Topps Update Jumbos, because let’s be honest and just admit that jumbos are where it’s at.  It took a while to sort it all out, but it’s finally all sorted and up on ebay now.

Super thick, but super cool

If the nuns found this, there would be no story

Bat Barrel Cards /99:
Howie Kendrick
Honus Wagner
Michael Young
David Wright
Rod Carew
Hideki Matsui

If I ever get around to the review, I’ll go more in depth, but I personally love the way these look. The big problem however is storage.  These are thicker than your biggest top loader.  The only thing I could find that would work is a snap case.

Double the Davis

Someone hasn't learned the two squiggles and done technique

Chris Heisey
Jonny Venters (sold)
Ike Davis (x2)
Jose Bautista
Trevor Cahill

Two of the same autos in the same case?!?  Shoddy if you ask me.  But…considering it was Ike Davis and not some throwaway player, I’ll let it slide.

This set is pretty big

Object may be shinier than it appears

RC Refractor Box Toppers:
Jake Arrieta
John Ely
Domonic Brown
Brennan Boesch
Sam Demel
Jon Link

These are one-per-box toppers.  There is a slew of players included in this thing.  Unfortunately, I believe the pictures don’t always differentiate from the regular Chrome set version, so you have to be on guard when looking at these.

Nice design, bland jerseys

All-Star Relics (none numbered):
Vernon Wells
Clay Buchholz
Ty Wigginton (sold)
David Price
Dustin Pedroia (x2)

The NL players have blue jersey pieces.  The AL have red.  We got allll red.  And again, a freakin’ double in the same case.  If they’re going to do that, they could have had the decency to make it a gold /50, right?

The Cubs need to break out this uni for a game or two next year.


About to steal first

SP Variations:
Bruce Sutter
Andre Dawson
Rickey Henderson (NYY)

Not too bad in this department.  Our Series 2 case got us 5 or 6 SPs, and this only gave us 3.  You’ll see why soon.  But the ones we got work well.  2 Cubs and our second Rickey.  We pulled his A’s SP from a series 1 retail pack earlier this year.

Can you believe this is selling for over $10? Me either!

Really cool picture in "black" form

Black Border /59:
Xavier Nady (sold)
Gabe Kapler
Heath Bell
Russell Branyan

I think we’re missing more SPs, because we got the extra black border cards instead.  4 blacks in a case is not too shabby and they’re selling pretty well on ebay, which is shocking considering the player selection you find in Update.

CYMTO Original Backs:
1968 Tom Seaver
1962 Lou Brock
1973 Luis Aparicio
2001 Vladimir Guerrero
1979 Dale Murphy
1965 Ernie Banks

I didn’t have any of these scanned, but you know what they look like, right?  After all, you had them before your mom threw them out.  These will be going up on Sportlots – ebay prices are quite low (if you want to pick them up for cheap).

Strasburg 661 (x5)

These were placed in the pack at the same spot as any other hit.  So they come in about 1 per jumbo box if you’re into this kid still.

No Pie in the face or Mickey cards

I’m glad we avoided Mickey, but I’ve heard rumors that Mickey and Pie cards go hand in hand.  I have yet to see one in person, and it would have been nice to get that cash.  Instead we got SPs and Black borders (which apparently is the other case possibility).

Not as exciting as a pie, but we'll take it

Key Gold Borders in NM (sending 14 in for replacement – they had chips on the top):
Strasburg #661
Ike Davis #15
Lorenzo Cain #173
Jose Tabata #235

We also got 2 Carlos Santana RC golds, but they were amongst the damaged.

5 complete base sets (would be 6, but 2 cards we need were damaged and are being sent back for replacement as well).

In our case, we got 8 Mike Stanton cards.  3 of those were bent all to hell.  That was the kicker that really prevented the 6th set from being made.  The other bent one is Sean Marshall.  A jumbo box should get you dangerously close to a full set if not 100% there.  We ended up with 7 or 8 of many, many cards in the set. Only about 20 or 30 cards wound up with 6 copies.

So, overall, it looks like we did well. No Major hits, but enough smaller things over $10 that it should help us turn a small profit overall and keep our personal buying funded for a bit. The inserts were the worst part. So many doubles, and out of 60 More Tales of the Game cards, we only could finish ONE 15 card set. We’re one short on the Lineage, too. That just shouldn’t happen.

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