This Trade is Garbage…

…Pail Kids!

My foray into collecting again is nothing if not based on nostalgia.  I don’t know if more recent generations will have the same fondness for their youth, but practically every kid that grew up in the 80s loves to reminisce about pop-culture from the “early days.”  Whether it’s cable television, MTV, and saturday morning cartoons; atari, nintendo and arcades; action figures, legos, and playdoh, it all brings us back to a simpler time.

Card collecting is like reminiscing with myself.  Looking at some of the older cards from my past, I not only appreciate them for what they are now, but I also take with me that memory of what it was like to open a pack and see that card for the first time, or remember going to the card show/shop with my dad and brother where I found that special card.

So, when Garbage Pail Kids Flashback came out, it sparked something inside me.  To put it politely, I collected the dickens out of these growing up.  Some of them ended up in sticker albums, but most remain intact in a box back home.  I wanted these new cards, but I didn’t buy any for a long time.  I struggled with the idea that I’d essentially be buying drawings I bought 20 years ago and did I want to do that.  Well, eventually the answer became “yes,” but not until they started to disappear from shelves.  That’s where trading comes in.

My trade with Colbey (flywheels) over at Cardboard Collections happened many moons ago (I believe last year sometime).  I saw that he was one of the few bloggers that posted a want list on his site (something I now have done as well), and offered up some spares to fill in an unfortunate amount of holes in my set.  Here’s what I got back.

See something wrong with Joel Hole? The name should be in BOLD, not "hole"

I’m almost positive that Evil Eddie is originally from Series 1, but I don’t know tons about the originals to know where these all came from.  These 6 cards helps me form five A/B pairs:  Nasty Nick & Evil Eddie, Hippie Skippy & Blake Flake, Silent Sandy & Barren Aaron, Over Flo & Moist Joyce, and Joel Hole & Teed-Off Tom.  For those that aren’t familiar, it’s the same picture, just a different name.  Still, it’s satisfying to complete each mini-set for the card number.

There are 180 cards in the set – 90A & 90B – and I’m still a long ways off, so if any of you guys have any to spare, please take a look at my want list. I also have the cards available for trade up now too.

Colbey, thanks a lot again for the trade.  Sorry for delaying the post so long, but the good news is that it’s sort of timely now since GPK Flashback Series 2 just came out!  I was at Target this weekend and while I STILL haven’t found the NBA Panini sticker album, I did find a rack pack of Series 2.  Let’s check out the goods, shall we?

Aaah, memories

You can see the border is less taxi cab and more gameboy tetris in nature.  I bought only one rack pack (since I’ll probably be buying a hobby box) and I already got a double of Kim Kong, so that’ll be up for trade.  By the way, can someone explain Sewer Sue to me?  Mounting a head has nothing to do with sewers.  Unless they were going for sewing and taxidermy, but I don’t know.

Inserts and Parallels

The parallels are actually Green bordered, not turquoise as it appears.  The Adam Bomb fooled me. I thought it was part of the set until I looked at the back and saw it was an insert.  Evidently, he’ll be placed in all kinds of explody situations.  Here we see the timely BP version.  These are all for trade as well since I’m really only interested in the set.  Lastly we have this monster.

This is all that would fit in my scanner

Each rack pack comes with a foldout poster!  That, my friends, is really cool.  Not only are the GPK still actual stickers, but there are also posters.  If I remember correctly, the boxes originally did come with posters.  I don’t know how big the checklist is, but still a nice addition.  Mutant Michael here is also for trade, however, as my fiancee has already nixed the idea of me hanging this up in our apartment.  Why am I marrying her again?

Is anyone else out there excited about series 2?  It’s almost as thrilling as baseball season starting up again, at least that’s what my 8 year old self is telling me.

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