What Garbage (Pail Kids) Trades!

It’s funny how trades come in waves. I already showed off a run of sticker trades that came in quick succession. Today, I have two trades for my Garbage Pail Kids collections. These are tough to trade for on a primarily baseball blog. There’s not as much cross-pollination as I might hope. I really should […]

This Trade is Garbage…

…Pail Kids!

My foray into collecting again is nothing if not based on nostalgia. I don’t know if more recent generations will have the same fondness for their youth, but practically every kid that grew up in the 80s loves to reminisce about pop-culture from the “early days.” Whether it’s cable television, MTV, and saturday […]

Cards From the Road

Hey, everybody! I’m still alive.

We’re all moved in, got the truck returned and most of the unpacking is done. The only thing I still haven’t completely done is catch up on all the blog posts since I was away (and after a week of being back). Wow, you people write a lot!

Before I […]