Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 2)! [VERY Scan Heavy]

Alright.  This took forever to put together.  I’m talking about both the post and the album.  It took two waves of purchases from the Panini Sticker website to complete the album and it takes two posts to finish showing it all off.

Admittedly it probably should have been more than 2. Or I should have been less anal about it and not scanned all the unfilled pages.  Too late!

Warning (as if the title wasn’t warning enough):  You’re entering a scan heavy zone. Wear your hard hat. Pictures may fall at any moment.

I can't fit all the stickery goodness in the scan

A hint of what’s to come.  It’s a lot.

Celtics Before Page 1

Boston fans, are you upset that Ray Allen went to the Heat? I think I might be if I were you, but I don’t know the dynamic.

Celtics After Page 1

I forgot Shaq was on the Celtics.  I’m not a fan of his, by the way.

Celtics Before Page 2

Two O’Neals on the same team. Remember when Jermaine sucked really badly early on?

Celtics After Page 2

Tough to root for the Celtics in any situation. I’m glad we’re moving on quickly.

Nets Before Page 1

This is what Jay-Z has to work with. Yikes.

Nets After Page 1

Even their poster child here looks bored.  Check out all these dejected faces.

Nets Before Page 2

I don’t know who most of these people are.  Usually I’d recognize a couple second-pagers.

Nets After Page 2

Of course I’ve heard of Kris Humphries for all the wrong reasons.  Amazing how some of this pop culture/reality TV crap slaps you upside the head.

76ers Before Page 1

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I’m gonna duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnk!!!!!!!

76ers After Page 1

Andre Iguodala: USA Gold Medalist.  Anyone else surprised he was on the team at all?

76ers Before Page 2

See, I’ve heard of some of these guys.  I know they’re not very good, but at least I know the names.

76ers After Page 2

Just imagine what would have happened if the Bulls top players didn’t get injured in the playoffs this year.  76ers would have been 86ed for sure.  Should have been anyway.

Raptors Before Page 1

I used to like the raptors.  This was back when they were a brand new expansion team.

Raptors After Page 1

They lost me for good when they decided to go to a red and black color scheme instead of the eye-burning purple.

Raptors Before Page 2

I wonder how long it will take Toronto to become relevant contenders.

Raptors After Page 2

Hope they’re not waiting for another Cretaceous Period.

Cavaliers Before Page 1

Remember kids, it’s pronounced Antwan.  Ignore the spelling.  In fact, ignore the Cavs all together.

Cavaliers After Page 1

What a terrible, terrible team.  Kyrie Irving has a lot of work to do.

Cavaliers Before Page 2

Yeah, this isn’t going to get it done.  The talent disparity in the league always amazes me.

Cavaliers After Page 2

Throughout the league you essentially have 10 superstars at any given time, about 15-20 stars, and then the rest are role fillers and bench warmers.  So many top draft picks do virtually nothing.

Pistons Before Page 1

Richard Hamilton joined the Bulls this past season and, of course, got injured.

Pistons After Page 1

I still only know Tayshaun Prince because of that one blog that everyone went crazy over.  I’m too lazy to find a link.

Pistons Before Page 2

Ben Gordon and Ben Wallace are two more former Bulls.  Both contributed nicely for us if I remember right.

Pistons After Page 2

These ain’t exactly the Bad Boys I remember from the 80s.

Pacers Before Page 1

Boy, there sure are a lot of teams in the NBA, aren’t there?

Pacers After Page 1

Can you believe that 16 of 30 teams make it into the playoffs?  I probably ranted about this before.

Pacers Before Page 2

That means every year teams with losing records are in contention for a title.  And all of the series are 7 games long.  What a terrible system.

Pacers After Page 2

Oh hey, Tyler Hansborough.  A perfect example of domination in college which for whatever reason doesn’t translate into the NBA.  Aside from pushover college opponents, I can’t really explain why that would be, but everyone seemed to know this was going to happen to him.

Bucks Before Page 1

The Bucks could be okay if they had a star player on their team.  You could also say that about every team.

Bucks After Page 1

I liked Jennings for a while, then got sick of his whining.

Bucks Before Page 2

John Salmons was solid on the Bulls.  I didn’t watch tons of games, but I remember him coming through several times when I did.

Bucks After Page 2

I also wish the Bucks would go back to the purple instead of green.

Hawks Before Page 1

Get this ball away from me!!!!!!!!!

Hawks After Page 1

The Hawks have/had a good team, but from all accounts an extremely overpaid one.

Hawks Before Page 2

All I know is that I used to play Tecmo NBA basketball as the Hawks (when I wasn’t playing as the Bulls, that is) and Dominique Wilkins dominated.

Hawks After Page 2


Bobcats Before Page 1

Oh, Michael Jordan.  There are times where I wish you would step away from the game completely.

Bobcats After Page 1

Joining the Wizards and buying into the Bobcats are two of those times.

Bobcats Before Page 2

If you thought the Cavs were bad, you were right. But the Bobcats are much worse.  Don’t get me started on how they should be the Hornets.

Bobcats After Page 2

Perfect example of a team that should be eliminated completely from the league.  The talent pool isn’t large enough to support 30 teams worth suiting up.

Heat Before Page 1

Do I really need to say anything?

Heat After Page 1

I can’t believe the Heat won despite some mismanaging of Bosh’s playing time.

Heat Before Page 2

Next year will hopefully be different.

Heat After Page 2

All the Bulls needs to do is make it to the 8th seed, then who knows.

Magic Before Page 1

Big Baby Dwight is now a Laker.

Magic After Page 1

I’m sure that will end well.

Magic Before Page 2

Bring back Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson.

Magic After Page 2

Hell, bring back Little Penny.

Wizards Before Page 1

While we’re on the topic, bring back the Washington Bullets.

Wizards After Page 1

I do like that the franchise let fans submit their ideas for name changes and that it was ultimately picked by them.

Wizards Before Page 2

The fans made the right choice from the finalists, although I don’t remember the runners-up.

Wizards After Page 2

It would be cool if there were another team called the Warlocks.  That’s a matchup I’d watch.

Mavericks Before Page 1

I’m sure Dallas fans are happy about the title they won, but not me.

Mavericks After Page 1

Sure, it’s great that the Lakers didn’t win another one, but I can’t stand Mark Cuban.

Mavericks Before Page 2

I happen to be of the mindset that he knows very little about business and most of his money and success was a lot of luck and timing.

Mavericks After Page 2

Then he made good investments after he made his money, but that’s about it.

Grizzlies Before Page 1

Oh, Grizzlies.

Grizzlies After Page 1

Unlike the Raptors, I’m glad they changed their logo and color scheme. That crazy light blue wasn’t cutting it.

Grizzlies Before Page 2

Hasheem Thabeet.  When will teams learn to stop drafting the super tall lanky people?

Grizzlies After Page 2

If there’s no substance surrounding those bones, they’re going to be on the bench with injuries most of their career, or be thrown around like ragdolls in the paint.

Spurs Before Page 1

How the hell are the Spurs still relevant?

Spurs After Page 1

Also, why would Tony Parker cheat on his wife?  With a teammate’s wife?  People with money = people with confidence = think they can do anything.

Spurs Before Page 2

Also, how is Antonio McDyess still playing at this point?

Spurs After Page 2

The dude looked like he was 35 when he entered the league. So many unanswered questions on this team.

Timberwolves Before Page 1

Kevin Love is one of my favorite current non-Chicago players.  Anytime you have a bigger guy with an all-around game and can shoot behind the arc, I’m taking notice.

Timberwolves After Page 1

Imagine a front court with Garnett and Love.  I know it wasn’t going to happen, but hey.

Timberwolves Before Page 2

So glad the Bulls didn’t draft Beasley.  I couldn’t imagine why it would be a consideration to begin with.

Timberwolves After Page 2

How long before those Garnett records start falling?

Thunder Before Page 1

The should-have-wons.

Thunder After Page 1

Durantula is another favorite.  I was rooting for them in the Finals, but it simply didn’t happen.  Maybe if the Bulls stay out of it, like most expect, they can get their title out of the way.

Thunder Before Page 2

Too bad this team couldn’t have stayed in Seattle.

Thunder After Page 2

But it’s nice to see the OK fans are supporting them so far.

Trail Blazers Before Page 1

I promise we’re getting close to the end.  Still with me?

Trail Blazers After Page 1

I don’t have much to say about the Blazers other than I know they have some ravenous fans.

Trail Blazers Before Page 2

They also have Greg Oden. Another broken big man.

Trail Blazers After Page 2

It’s amazing how things can fall apart so quickly for some people.

Lakers Before Page 1

How about those off-season moves the Lakers made, huh?  Will it be enough?

Lakers After Page 1

Can these people all actually work together like an Olympic squad, or will it be too many egos.

Lakers Before Page 2

Of course, I’m rooting for their failure.  I have to.

Lakers After Page 2

I mean, look at them. They are way too happy.  Come on earthquake!

Suns Before Page 1

Oh look, it’s the new Laker.

Suns After Page 1

He’s a fun player to watch, but why would I want Nash to win a title with LA?

Suns Before Page 2

Grant Hill.  He was my secondary player collector focus, after Jordan.  I’m really happy I stopped collecting his cards for the most part.

Suns After Page 2

Especially considering the dude is still playing, and playing pretty well, in this very hit-minded low #ed hobby landscape.  I’d have a lot of competition.

Kings Before Page 1

Isn’t there talk of moving the Kings to another city?  I could be making that up.

Kings After Page 1

I wouldn’t be shocked. It’s not like the city is rolling in dough.

Kings Before Page 2

It’s also a little weird that California has supported so many NBA teams in the past.

Kings After Page 2

Especially in markets that don’t have other sports franchises.

Kobe Rivals Before Page 1

Oh hey, look! We’re done with the team pages.

Kobe Rivals After Page 1

Kobe has had so many Finals appearances that they made a two-page spread about them.

Kobe Rivals Before Page 2

It’s an interesting concept for their big exclusive contract, but I’m less interested in that and more so in stickers #331 and #332.

Kobe Rivals After Page 2

Look! They fit together into one bigger sticker!  This is what I remembered and loved about sticker books of yore.  I wish they had one that was 4 stickers big. Those were the best.

NBA Global Before Page 1

As you saw in the team pages, NBA is a diversely populated sport. Talent is found all around the world.

NBA Global After Page 1

These boring stickers show how the NBA is looking to expand on that presence.

NBA Global Before Page 2

Another double sticker is coming! Let’s see how well I lined it up.

NBA Global After Page 2

Honestly, some of these are really lame.  A logo with a plain colored background and a couple players bookending it.  Bleh.

Rookies Before Page 1

Now we get into the rookies.  There are 4 pages of them.  See how many you recognize.

Rookies After Page 1

I don’t follow the league all that closely, but I do know that even within these top 6 picks, probably 3 at the most will have a good career.

Rookies Before Page 2

Picks 7-12, almost through the lottery picks and scraping the bottom of the barrel already.

Rookies After Page 2

Sorry guys, but odds are none of you will be better than an okay starter or 6th man.

Rookies Before Page 3

Now we’re into filler territory.

Rookies After Page 3

Doesn’t it seem ridiculous?  Either they need too much seasoning to get better, or they simply can’t cut it in the NBA.

Rookies Before Page 4

Wrapping up the first round.

Rookies After Page 4

I don’t know why they even have a second round of the draft sometimes.  Honestly.  It’s considered a virtual miracle if anyone makes any impact in the league from the second round.

Awards Before

Which brings us to the last page.  The award winners.  I wish the MLB album would do this.

Awards After

These look nice and it rounds out the yearbook quite well.  Good way to end the album.

And there you have it.  All 70-something pages of the album are filled up.  I’m not sure if I would do this again.  I think there needs to be a happy medium between the 32 pages of the MLB and the 70+ of the NBA.  That would be the perfect size.  I shouldn’t have to buy stickers online to complete my album.  Maybe I need to actively search out sticker traders.

Maybe I should stop typing. This post is long enough.

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