Sometimes I Need Cheat Sheets

When you’re as far behind in posting things you receive as I am, you need as much help as you can get.

I’m usually pretty good about getting everything scanned by group into my various collection folders quickly (but not separated by individual card until post time).  I also like to write down the package on my “post to do” list.  The combination of those two things makes it easier to maintain chronological and psychological order and make sure I’m pulling the right master images for breakdown and photobucketing.  It’s an involved system.

Sometimes I’ll have things put away in binders before I get around to posting, but often times, they’ll be scanned and eventually logged in my want list spreadsheets and remain in various piles on various flat surfaces waiting for their binder page placement.  A man can only do so much in a day after all.

Sometimes my normal method isn’t quite enough.  Sometimes I need extra assistance in the form of scrap paper that I have to hang on to for a few months.  How else would I know which team pages in my 2012 MLB sticker album were completed in a recent trade with one of my readers, Luca, and his father?  This note taking was especially important, because I had a slew of sticker trade requests all come in at the same time, and they all completed some pages with scans all housed in the same folder.  Luca filled up a whopping ten pages of them!

Thank goodness for cheat sheets.  That’s a lesson you can take to school, Luca.  Okay, maybe not (and certainly not if you were living in Chicago).  Take some sticker doubles to give away or trade instead.

Yes, this handful of stickers completed 10 pages

Not the largest assortment of stickers I’ve ever received, but they proved to be quite effective.

Blue Jays Before

I’ve already talked about how ridiculous it is that the numbering is jacked, right?  I’ve tried to figure out why Jose Bautista would be number 40 instead of 37.  Alphabetical by first or last name? Nope.  By order of position?  Nope.  Date of Birth? Okay, I didn’t check that, but I’ll assume “Nope.”  Completely random confusing crap?  Yep.

Blue Jays After

Aah, that makes the brain ouchy go away.  I love the generic “Blue Jays Mascot.”  Marketing people are so creative these days.  Either that or rights to publish mascot names are offensively expensive these days.

Royals Before

Ooo, I think we can name the game on this picture.  Pink fake-energy-giving necklace thing, pink armband thing, pink shoes.  I’m saying August 13th.

Royals After

Another nameless mascot.  I’ll call him Santa Paws.  The empty space makes you think there’d be a team shot or logo there.  Nope.  Unnamed mascot.

Angels Before

This has to be photoshopped.  Everyone knows Pujols still hasn’t hit a home run as an Angel.

Angels After

How is this team not doing better?  I’ll tell you one thing money can’t buy: team chemistry.  Sure it buy chemistry sets for the team, but when those teams use those sets to make homemade moonshine to sneak into the clubhouse during divisional games, you have a problem.  Stay in school, Luca.

Athletics Before

Yoenis Cespedes most likely wasn’t called-up by the time this had to go to press.  You don’t have too many options for the A’s as a poster boy, do you?

Athletics After

They might have been better served throwing a veteran in there to increase the star power. Or a couple more mascot stickers.  Do you think A’s players get pissed that they were bumped for an elephant costume?

Marlins Before

What’s this I see in sticker 174?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Lower right hand corner, since you can’t trust being able to count your way to it.

Marlins After

A named mascot?  I bet the rights to use the name were publicly funded.  How did this team not do better?  I still forget that Buehrle is with Miami now.  And that the team is called “Miami.” Did NOT forget that their uniforms are ugly as Billy the Marlin.

Phillies Before

Doc is mad.  Doc is mad that his page makes sense.  Doc wants crazy order too.  Doc throw ball now.  You no hit Doc ball.

Phillies After

There’s something unsettling about that eye peeking out from behind the sticker.  I wonder if the layout team thinks about these things when planning pages.  My guess is they only care about making the picture as big as possible while remaining centered and nearly to the edges.

Nationals Before

My “Bold” prediction before the season started was that the Nationals would make the playoffs.  It wasn’t that crazy of an idea in my mind, but I’m glad I got something right (so far).

Nationals After

Bryce Harper sure does look pale and feathery.  I also could have gone with “Dustin Diamond sure does look pale and feathery.”  I’m multi-faceted like that.

Astros Before

Is Carlos Lee still on the Astros?  No, right?  The Astros are still a team in the Majors?  No, right?

Astros After

Boy, no wonder they stink.  Look at that mascot.  He should at least be wearing a space helmet or something.

Pirates Before

I was rooting for the Pirates to make the playoffs.  It still could happen.  If they make it, I’ll continue to root for them as long as I have no other conflicts.

Pirates After

Does every freaking team have a mascot these days?  I never realized how prominent they were until I started putting together this sticker album.  I also forgot that Derrek Lee was a Pirate.  Good times.

Dodgers Before

If you remember anything, remember that Clayton Kershaw is making that face behind the sticker for all eternity.  Forever that face.

Dodgers After

Dodgers don’t need any mascot.  Koufax ain’t no mascot, dammit!  Loney? Maybe.

Thanks a lot, Luca. I hope you were able to get your album finished before heading back to classes.  It’s good to share with others, don’t you think?  I’m sure you’ll be fine in all your studies and future endeavors, but do me a favor.  Don’t make faces at people.  They may get frozen behind a Dee Gordon sticker that way.

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