About 2 Months Late Posting 19 Year Old Cards

One of the great things about trading is that you get to pad your binders will all kinds of wonderful new & old pieces of cardboard.  One of the “bad” things about trading in the blog world is that they tend to come in waves, and an infrequent poster like myself falls desperately behind.

That’s why Chunter from Chipp ‘n’ Dale has had to wait two months after showing his side to receive his due on this blog.  That’s no way to treat a guy with possibly the greatest header picture of anyone.

Not when he sent me this stuff.

You can measure your kids' heights with these cards

The first two cards are the easy highlights for a couple reasons.  For one, rarely do you see these on the blogs or mentioned for trade.  For dos, Chunter included the special extra tall toploaders.  Shipping these suckers isn’t easy, which is why that first point likely exists.

Long enough to show two full pictures

I collected a ton of the basketball version of these elongated cards.  I probably have a couple sets worth sitting in a box as a result of me trying to chase some of inserts.  If I had interest in baseball cards in 1994, I would have done the same for these Extra Bases.

Not quite Team 2000

Pro: Art card.
Con: Double sided.
Pro: Good Pinnacle gold foil
Con: …double sided…  Pros win!

Mr. Bowman's been scrapbookin'

Neat. Someone cut up a recliner and made cards out of it.

Try not to steal my identity with that fingerprint, okay?

Man, that All-Star foil stamp really throws this uneducated about 1998 Upper Deck collector off.  It took some research to confirm this wasn’t some sort of insert or subset.

The dream of the '90s is alive on cardboard.

This wasn’t as hard to figure out.  I don’t know how well they’re really defining the game, or the player.  Looks like “Describe: the Game” to me.


The turn of the century brought about digital everything.  Digital equals pixels.  Pixels equals boxy.  Boxy equals ugly which also equals this terrible Ultra set.  Maybe the Y2K bug destroyed their pretty design making machines.

Roughed up on the mound

I think someone got mad at this last card.  Pissed about only winning one World Series in all those playoff appearances?  Upset he went back to the Cubs?  It’s okay Greg.  You have a home here now.  They won’t hurt you again.

Thank you very much for the great trade!  Hopefully we’ll do it again sometime.  In the meantime, I encourage my readers to send some Braves his way.  The man has detailed lists to make things nice and easy for you, too.

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