Look Out For Cardboard Cuts

We are slowly moving into our new house.  We’re taking things slow.  On most days, we’ll move 5-6 boxes worth of stuff, shove it in an unused room and then paint or clean various walls, floors, sinks, counters, shelves, etc.

The previous owners were only there for maybe 7 years, max, but holy hell did they do a number to the place.  The walls are all dinged up, the kids were allowed to draw on EVERYTHING and apparently the parents never thought it worthwhile to clean it off.  Luckily, the only stuff that needs to be fixed is the cosmetic stuff.  The building itself is solid.

We just got the carpets cleaned tonight (also drawn on, because who needs paper?).  This is a key step, because my card room was one of those carpeted rooms.  Now that the cleaning has happened, and the walls have been painted, I can begin to assemble my storage and move my 5000 counts and binders to their new home!  Probably 5-6 boxes at a time, still because those boxes get heavy and I’m contending with a lot of stairs overall.

Also, I don’t want to get any cardboard cuts.  Have you ever cut yourself on a corrugated box?  Not fun!  I’ve been lucky enough to avoid it so far, but you never know.

That’s not the only cardboard that can cut you…

That looks like Wade Boggs on his wristband

Look out!  This 2013 die cut came to me courtesy of Reader Zach.  Forgive me if you have a blog and I’m completely blanking on it.  I sent him an Adam Jones from my 3 blaster splurge and he paid me in kind with the one I wanted most!  Thank you very much for the trade, Zach!  I hope the AJ10 serves you well.

Didn't even enter a code

The previous die cut may have been the most recently produced, but this is my most recent acquisition.  I’ll tell the full story later, but I got this from Topps as a customer service replacement.  He came with a lot of friends, so be on the lookout, because they’re going to need homes.  I promise they won’t cut you. on purpose.

I entered many, many codes

I went a little crazy with the codes from the promotion related to these.  I ended up walking away with a pretty good haul overall, including the Marmol black diamond I showed off previously.  I don’t remember who I traded to get this, but I’m pretty sure it was a bunch of non-diecut “vintage” and maybe some random scrub.  If memory serves, it was something of a last days of the promotion effort since I knew that I didn’t have any desire to ship non-diecuts.  That was fun.

Ebay purchase, unfortunately

I tried to trade for this one, but I couldn’t quite get it to work.  Maybe if I had more time.  My hope was to flip some lesser regulars for a lesser black diamond and work my way up.  I can’t blame anyone not biting.

I don’t have to worry about any of these cutting me.  They’re all safely packed away in toploaders, waiting for the move.  I just hope they’re not conspiring against me with the cardboard boxes.

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