The Greatest Trade “Throw-In” Ever

And that’s not me speaking in hyperbole to get a couple extra clicks, either.  Will you agree?  I guess we’ll find out in a few minutes.

Not too long ago, Dutch Card Guy and I worked out a trade for some of my Topps Minis.  He was working on the set and I was able to knock his set needs list down to seven more cards.  I’m not 100% sure he still needs those last several, but if so I sure hope someone can help him out.

I the words "Panini," "Family," "Poland," and "Ukraine"

These sticker packs were also throw-ins, but they’re not what the title refers to.  I have a few of these now thanks to DCG, but I haven’t opened any of them yet.  I’m not really sure why.  I guess I’m waiting for a more appropriate situation.  Something tied with the World Cup qualifying?  I don’t know.  I’ll figure it out.

Kerry was 7 years old when the 1984 set was released

I have a tough time distinguishing between the various Fleer Platinum sets.  Did they go in chronological order with their classic designs like Heritage?  I’m sure some quick and easy research will tell me one way or another, but I’d rather mindlessly type.

Sweet, sweet uni

You know, we opened a whole case of this stuff to sell off and we didn’t find a single Gwynn mini.  That’s where the lovely blogging world comes in.  Only 49 more variations to go*

*rough estimate

I'm glad someone buys and opens Bowman!

Boy, and I thought fans at Wrigley Field were bad about paying attention to the game.  Look at this crowd.  Of course, based on that soft toss the picture was likely taken pre-game or between innings, but why let observations and facts detract from the trash talk?

Row 3. 3 times the attitude of row 1

Pffft.  You call that a pitch?  Who do you think you are, Greg Madd–?  oh.

I can totally see this happening for real

A prelude to my card room situation.  I just bought some extra shelving now that I have a little extra space for it.  Plenty of room for more “trophies.”


I know the “O” probably stands for “Ovation,” or possibly as a representative letter for the circle die cut.  For me, the “O” stands for pOgs.  This is definitely a pog disguised as a so-called die cut card.

This is the last card that was agreed upon in our little exchange, which means this final scan is the infamous throw-in.

A tip of the cap to Dutch Card Guy

I tried to convince him it wasn’t necessary, and that it doesn’t fit my collection parameters.  Still, despite my protests, this Greg Maddux Gold Bordered parallel numbered /10 found its way inside the bubble mailer and flew across the Atlantic to reach my doorstep.

Now, the scan doesn’t show it, but it is actually quite damaged.  There’s a big crease along the top third of the card that’s much more noticeable on the back near the super-low serial numbering. I’m not sure if it was like that initially or it was a byproduct of the international import/export process.

But you know what?  I really don’t care, because this baby isn’t leaving my collection anytime soon.  Or probably anytime period.  How could I let this “little” extra leave my grasp?  And it’s not about the numbering, either.  It’s about the generosity and community we’re part of.

I’m not about to let that leave my collection.

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  • the dutch card guy

    Glad you like the card. I actually pulled the card out the original hobby box in that condition, a real shame but still a great card in my view…have fun opening the soccer cards !!

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