July 2017 Ebay Wins

I have an idea.  This wasn’t intentional, but I think I could play a little Ebay Uno with this month’s wins.  You all know Uno, right?  You go around and play cards that either match the number/letter or the color of the card on the face-up stack.  For this little game, there are no wild cards, no Reverse or Draw Twos, and also no numbers/letters that are possible to match, but I’ll make it work.

I still need 6 more Hendricks Bunt cards…

Our first draw is a Green Kyle Hendricks Bunt card.  I keep winning these things for minimum prices.  Nobody except me wants this stuff, I guess.

Green to Green

Match the color to the Gypsy Queen border variation.  Sadly, GQ made parallels of the photo variations, too. Except those are #/99 as I thought this was when I bought it:  It’s not.

More Green to Green

I don’t associate green refractors with a low number like #/99.  It’s not my favorite color of refractor, but it’s not too bad.

Chrome to Chrome

Aww, Houston and Chicago.  What could have been if we didn’t decide to revert back to sucking.

Zobrist to Zobrist

Man, these blue parallels are hard to spot.  When there’s so much blue on the card already, it’s even harder.  Still, I swear that’s what this is.

Topps S1 to Topps S1

I look forward to nabbing a lot of cheap Soler cards after the trade to the Royals.  Even if he comes back strong next year after his injury, it’s the wrong blue team.

Topps S1 to Topps S1

I guess I could have matched Royal to Royal too.  Hammel had a rough year with the team, but he was key to the 2016 Cubs team.

Hammel to Hammel

This is the only Jason Hammel card I need from Museum Collection.  How rare is that?

Museum to Museum

It’s pretty tough to get Baez cards on the cheap.  I think people are still kind of prospecting him a bit.  Maybe in a year or two.

These look nice

Alright, and this is where the Uno game falls apart.  It was a good run, though.  I got down to two.  How about this gold refractor thing from the NSCC wrapper redemption program?  I got three of these in my redemption packs, but not Maddux, so I quickly went on the hunt for one before they dried up.

Surprise, more Transcendent.

My last post was written a while ago, and at that time, I didn’t have the sketch card.  That will complete my Maddux needs for Transcendent unless they do it again and include him.  I am still on the hunt for Frank Thomas, so maybe he’ll show up in a future post.

4 comments to July 2017 Ebay Wins

  • Neat concept. I like the green lead-off, always my favorite color. I don’t really like the concept of the entire card being one color as in the Bunt card, but when it’s that shade of green, it’s cool! (And serially numbered is just a bonus)

    • Jon

      Thank you. The Bunt parallels went a bit too far on the color. Probably why no one else is bidding on them. By the way, I have a stack of cards pulled for you but need to go through again now that you have 95-96 added to the wantlist.

  • Love the Maddux. I have a Gurriel Jr. in the gold whatever and it’s plenty nice to look at.

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