2018 Cubs – The First Ten Games

Another season, another attempt to track my team’s progress through baseball cards.  Will I make it all the way through the year this time, or will I fall short like I do with virtually everything else I try?

Last year, I celebrated every win by showing off a card, and used it as an excuse to get through a portion of the Greg Maddux Moments & Milestones cards I have (still have a ton left).  This time around, since I’m collecting the championship team, and most of those players are still on the roster, I figured I’d do something different.

I’m trying to pay closer attention to the games so I am planning to assign a “Player of the Game” for each win.  For the people I collect, we’ll see a card of that person.  If they’re not part of my collection, then I’m not sure what I plan to do yet.  I don’t want to scan cards I’m not collecting just for this because it’s a pain to format and upload things in my system.  Maybe I’ll go back to the M&Ms? Maybe use a card from a guy that left the team?  We’ll find out later, because I was able to stick with the established guys for this first round.

The Cubs started off in a mediocre fashion, splitting the first ten games 5-5.  The offense has been pretty anemic and the pitching less than ideal in the early going.

From a black friday box break

Win #1 – Kyle Schwarber – To start, this is half real, half joke.  He did have a home run in the game, but he also had two spectacularly bad defensive plays in left field.

GQ blaster break

Win #2 – Kris Bryant – He was 2 for 5 with one walk and knocked in 3 in the 10th inning.  The easiest picks are those that are the game winners.

From my A&G boxes last year

Win #3 – Javier Baez – He only got one hit, going 1-1, but he walked three times, which is big for him.  Although 2 were intentional.  Javy recorded 2 RBI for the day and also had a great base-running moment, going from first to home on infield single.

Pulled from a Donruss blaster

Win #4 – Bryant – Continuing his hot start by going 3 for 3, 2 BB, and a home run to tie it in the 6th inning.

From the GQ blasters again

Win #5 – Ben Zobrist – He was able to take advantage of his playing time with a 2 for 4 day and a HR to kick off the offense.

And that’s it.  These recaps may not be all that exciting, but the cards might get more interesting as the season goes on.

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