October 2017 Ebay Wins

Another month, another round of saved searches bearing gifts that I bought for myself.  This was my birthday month, but I didn’t expand my budget.  Even so, I wound up with quite a few good cards at a reasonable price.  I have several months backlogged, so let’s just get into it.

fake 1997 patch from 2009

I’m not sure when Topps started doing these blaster patch things, but 2009 has to be pretty close to the start of it.  The one that I want the most for Maddux is from 2010 as that would mean I have all of the cards from that year for him (aside from a couple rare Upper Deck things that were unannounced and maybe weren’t supposed to be released – so not sure if I should count them).  But for the 2010 blaster patch, I refuse to pay more than the .99 +s/h for it, so I’m still waiting years later.

Condition sensitive

I don’t make it a habit of buying regular inserts on ebay, and this really wasn’t an exception.  It was a package deal with the next card you’ll see.

The fake rips still look weird in green

This was the main reason for bidding.  I’m getting used to how cheap this Bunt stuff is, and I like that aspect.

The ghost of Wrigley

Where else can you get an insert of a star player like Rizzo #’d to 99 for a buck?  It’s pretty amazing.

Finding comfort in drowning in the quicksand

Lester is pretty dumbfounded by it as well.  I guess this is why the product is getting scrapped in 2018.

Should have posted on March 17th

Zobrist is just happy he wore sunglasses to block out the gaudy tinting.  I have most of the green parallels at this point.  Oranges will take a while.

Any minute now, he’s going to dissolve into tiny paint splatters

Here’s a little break for your eyes, in a way.  Topps Fire was a Target only product.  I bought a couple boxes (opened one, saving the other for a potential group break if I ever feel like trying that), and I can say that the parallels are pretty tough to distinguish if you’re not incredibly familiar with the cards.  This is one of the more obvious ones – the purple one #/99.

Fowler is not in the regular Donruss set, oddly. Piscotty is the Diamond King there

The Optic parallels are far too numerous.  Here we have a Carolina Blue #/50, which is different than the regular blue #/199 (not pictured or acquired).  Yup, totally necessary.

Class 2 if you’re playing at home

Can you believe we’re still not done?  How about more confusing parallels?  Gold Label is far too annoying.  Red means #/50 here, but not for the other classes.  And I also have a blue from a different class, so each time a search comes back with something, I have to check my lists again to see if it’s the same card or a different class with the same color.

No threads included

The biggest problem I have with these Topps Triple Threads cards is that I get them confused with Tribute.  The logos look similar to me, even though they really aren’t.  I do wish numbering and coloring would match across products, though.  Uniformity is good.

Also #’d to 99

Oh, and the Heritage relics are another problem.  This is from the high numbers series, I think, but there are some “gold” parallels that have the same green fronts as the regular ones, but the dots are kinda gold.  Very tough to see.  I’m glad they fixed that for this series, at least.

4 home runs over 2 games

Lastly for the month, we have an obvious parallel.  The black “border” version of Baez.  I’m surprised I got this for the minimum, because it’s not uncommon to see a mini bidding war on some of his cards.  I like the look of these and I’m happy to knock it off the list.

So, that was quite a lot for one month.  Next month will see some more black but only about half the cards.  Still, it should be good (subjectively)!

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