Easy To Remember Sticker Trade

This may end up being my last post of the year – it’s tough to find the time to write with all this holiday stuff going on.  There’s also a small chance this is my last post ever.  WordPress desperately wants to update my blog, and I’m sure it’s way past due.  The problem is that every time I try to update, something breaks.  Earlier this year, it broke for a while and I needed Andy (who doesn’t write, but does control the domain) to get things fixed for me so I could log in and post.

I don’t know if I care enough to do that again.  There’s a part of me that is thinking about stopping the blog and transitioning to the trading card database site and twitter.  I don’t have time to maintain this blog and a tradingcarddb profile & want/trade lists.

Even if I do leave this space, I’m still going to collect and I still want to interact.  Maybe moving to those spaces would be a better move and I should have done that a while ago.  For now, I’m a stubborn mule and I’m trying to drum up trades and what not through this tired old jalopy of a blog.

Every once in a while, it works out.  A couple months ago, I had a good amount of traction and trades.  One of those trade requests came from Marc over at Remember the Astrodome. He enticed me by dangling some stickers in front of my virtual face and I jumped out reaching pretty dang quick.  Okay, I don’t do anything quick, but I jumped and sent him a stack of World Series Champion Astros in exchange for stickers and some World Series Champion Cubs.  Feels good to say all of that.

Look at that glorious pile that is now peeled backs in the recycling

I love sticker trades.  I love getting older sticker album stickers.  It makes me think that those crazy things are actually going to be completed some day.  It’s such a great feeling filling in new team packages and deleting numbers off my want list (shameless link).

Doesn’t have the same oomph as some other rookie card photos

It wasn’t all tiny stickers in the envelope. I also got a few of those normal sized cards I’ve heard the kids talk about, like this Schwarber Rookie Card/Rookie Cup.  Let’s add a couple more icons on there while we’re at it.

Hooray! Baseball!

Here’s hoping Bryant will make the All-Star game again next year, and that it will be merited.  I don’t care if Myers makes it.

Would love to see a stronger year from him

I feel like I’ve shown this card recently on the blog, but I’m probably just remembering adding the scan to this draft.  Funny how the mind works and fails us sometimes.

He does a lot of good off the field

I’ve barely made myself familiar with Chronicles, but it seems like an intriguing set.  The downside is cost, so I’m thankful that people like Marc can share their run-offs with me.

We’ll never know how limited

What’s most intriguing are the inserts that take the form of fake sets that will never come to pass.  I don’t know why some of these couldn’t have taken the place of products that people aren’t wild about, but it’s still fun.

Deacon of Dingers

This card came my way before I formally announced that I’m collecting the the Big League Master Set.  I’m still in need of another copy of this for that project.  I still wish these had red and/or blue foil instead of this eye sore combo of ink.

Thank you very much, Marc for the great trade!  Hopefully we get to do it again someday. On this site or another.

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