Can’t Spell “Really Big Card Trade” Without GCRL – Part 2

I’ve talked about how I’m very close to being caught up with trades. While I still have three new packages left to show off, I figured it may be a good idea to do a couple “part twos” so that future trade posts aren’t just bouncing back and forth between the same couple older packages.  It still might happen, but you know.

Today I’m revisiting one from later last year that came from Jim. He’s originally known for his blog GCRL (hence the title) and creator of several side blogs. He is now writing for cards as i see them.  You can catch the first part of the trade here, if you’d like.

There were a lot of cards in the bubble mailer and I’m going to need at least a couple more posts to get through it all.  That’s even considering that I’m lumping a bunch of stuff together.  However, after today, I think we’ll mostly be looking at single card scans.  That’s next time, though.  Let’s focus on the task at hand.

Give me a base set with different borders like the old days

Everyone seems to be going crazy for the Opening Day blue and red (and purple) foil parallels this year.  I don’t recall anyone talking about OD for several years other than to bitch about how its the same set, but truncated.  Goes to show that parallels actually drive sales more than we really want to believe, I think.

Sampling of 2016 Topps

I still need a ton of base cards from a whole lot of sets, even regular ol’ Topps.  Never underestimate the benefit of trading those to me!

One remains

That goes for a lot of sets and products, honestly.  Especially if they’re not pictured with the Cubs because when I do buy into group breaks, I get the Cubs and that would leave out guys that have left or been traded.

A different one remains

I have been buying A&G for quite a while, but even if I get a couple boxes for myself, I’m still usually missing a few base cards.  It’s great to be that much closer now.

Recently retired Royal Hammel

So, this grouping is pretty loose, but it’s basically a random assortment of Topps base sets with a single Donruss mixed in.  I regret not putting them in order by year. Not sure why I didn’t.

I love adding David Ross cards because each one is a high percentage of completion!  Also, you can’t hate a Heyward rookie!

Crazy that Rizzo has been with the Cubs for as long as he has

We’ll close things out with a couple of minis.  I’ve started to make more of a concerted effort to get these. I have a decent stack in that Sportlots box.  Super glad that GQ doesn’t have minis anymore, though.

Squinting pictures are not great

Lastly here’s a bold black bordered mini. I like the ornate designs of the recent black borders, but there’s still something to be said about the solids.

Thank you very much again, Jim. I look forward to showcasing the rest of your package soon!

170 left to show before taking Sportlots delivery.

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