Olympic Fever — Aaachooo!

It’s getting about that time.  The winter Olympics are upon us.  I’m personally more of a summer games man myself (or a California Games man if we’re talking NES).  But no matter what season, I can’t help but love a good Olympic themed set.

I don’t have all that many examples to show (I try not to post cards I don’t physically have in the apartment at the time of posting), but I thoroughly enjoy all of these cards.  See if you can spot the theme.

For those keeping score, you have 91-92 series 2 Hoops, McDonald’s Hoops, 1992 Skybox USA (my favorite USA themed basketball set.  It’s genius is in the simplicity), 1992 Skybox (insert), 1994 Upper Deck USA (Gold Medal parallel), MJ Highlights insert from that same set.  I dare you to not like these cards, even if you’re not a basketball fan.

The other great thing about the Olympics.  Bringing people from various walks of life together.  And that’s what JD’s Wild Cardz is doing with his contest.  I think all of our small readership has already signed up, but if not – check it out at this link right here!

It’s a fantastic idea for a contest and well worth checking out.

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