2008 Bowman Chrome baseball video box break

Like I said: we’ve been busy. Not with bustin’ wax (or rhymes, in Jon’s case) unfortunately, but that’s all about to change… We’ve got boxes of Chicle baseball on their way as we speak. And we promise to not spend 80% of the break laughing at the cards this time. Plus we’ve got Topps Series 2 and Allen & Ginter coming real soon and you can expect the same level of in-depth review you’ve come to know and love from us. And, if Jon does the reviews, you can also expect some pretty hilarious picture captions.

To sate your appetite for box breaks, however, we’ve got a quickie “retro” break for you here. Jon and I are following in the footsteps of our friend in bustin’, The Wax Wombat and the fine folks at Ye Olde MojoBeard with a quote unquote retro break from 2008. This also represents our first foray into the Bowman Chrome box breaking world. I suggested we order and review this year’s regular Bowman set and Jon’s exact words were, “We wouldn’t even know what we got. Plus it’ll be half price in 4 months like every other Bowman product.” Can’t argue with that logic!

We hoped to get a Heyward auto in this very small box… but apparently that was in the Draft edition of this tedious, overpriced and hilariously weak product. Take a peek at what 30 year old A ball studs we pulled!

Well, there you have it. I really just don’t get this product. I did a little experiment with prospecting a few years back (that’s for another post) and the results were about what I expected… about 5% of these guys get a cup of coffee, 3% have careers and .001% are legitimate superstars. I’m going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I’ll get better odds there, thanks! But I will admit that the shininess is pretty cool. And there is a thrill to getting a refractor since the good ones sell very well on the secondary market… though when a market is driven purely by speculation, it’s always a house of cards just waiting to tumble. I wish I had the kind of money it would take to do a study of the various Bowman products and their ROR (that’s Return On Risk for those not in the options markets). Anyone have any data they can share?

Also, the fact that we have two college degrees in film production and 8 years combined experience in professional film and video work doesn’t change the fact that my webcam sucks. Even on the lowest quality settings, the audio and video are being recorded at different framerates and refuse to sync up. Apologies… we’ll do better, I promise!

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