Pack Lottery Contest!!!

It’s been a long time since we held our wildly fun and successful Dawson Hunt contest, so I think it’s high time we give away some free cards.  What do ya say?

I just purchased two boxes of 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones in part with money I won in my company’s holiday party bowling competition.  My all-time high game of 200 (!!!!) is your gain.

Since the set is so convoluted and crazy, I’m holding a convoluted and crazy contest!  I have no desire really to keep any of the cards aside from the Greg Maddux cards, so I decided to make things a little interesting.  I’m going to hold a Pack Lottery.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

As you may or may not know, this product takes a stat for a player and gives them a different card for each number up to that stat.  As an example, if the stat is 126 home runs, then that player will have 126 cards, one for each home run.


As you can see in the example above, this is the card for the 31st win.  The stat is for Career wins, which goes allll the way up to 347.  You can see why I bought a couple boxes to get a jump on this.

You can also see that this card is serial numbered out of 150.  This is the lowest numbering you’ll find and the cards we will base the contest on.  It’ll make more sense in a minute.

The Rules
Step 1:  Pick your favorite non-rookie/non-Greg Maddux player from the set (see the list below)
Step 2:  Pick a number for the achievement
Step 3:  Pick the front number of the serial number
Step 4:  Name your favorite team

So, to use the Maddux card as an example again, I could say I’m picking Greg Maddux, 31 wins, 43/150, Favorite Team: Cubs. Everyone with me so far?

Where does the lottery part come in, you ask?  Well, as you’re starting to see, even with two boxes guessing an exact card that I might pull (down to the serial numbering) will be downright impossible.  You have better chances of winning the lottery.  I’m going to make it worth your while.


  1. If you get the player right, you win 1 card from that player*
  2. If you get the serial number right (matching any player), you win 2 cards from your favorite team**
  3. If you get the serial number and player right, you win all cards of that player (if it’s less than three, I’ll throw in extras)
  4. If you get the achievement right (matching any player), you win 3 cards from your favorite team
  5. If you get the achievement and player right, you win all cards from your favorite team (if it’s less than ten, I’ll throw in extras)
  6. If you get the serial number and achievement right (matching any other player), you win 20 cards from your favorite team
  7. If you get the player, achievement and serial number all right, you win the entire contents of the two boxes (minus any Maddux cards) ***

Yes, that’s right, you could win the contents of both boxes.  And all you have to do is follow those four little steps.  If you DON’T want any of these cards from the box, I’ll work with you to send prizes of your favorite teams and players.  I’ll have to email for addresses, so you can let me know then.  I also may run out of cards from the boxes to fill all the prizes.  In those cases, I’ll pull from my personal collection to fill out the prize packs.  All I’m saying is don’t let any hatred of the product stop you from testing your luck.

*Prizes will include the highest numbered parallel possible.  If I get a 1/1 or 1/10, etc of a player, top priority for that card will go to prize level 7 (all three correct), and work it’s way up the list to prize level 1 (just the name)*
** If your favorite team is the Braves or Cubs, please note I’m keeping the Greg Maddux cards, but I’ll compensate otherwise**
*** In the event that two or more people guess all three variables exactly correct, I will coordinate to give each winner an equal share.***

No idea.  My guess is high, but each box has 18 packs with 6 cards each so we’re looking at 216 cards minus parallels and autos that aren’t checked against your guesses.

Now, just like any good lottery, there should be a way to have multiple chances.  We’re still a young blog, and we’d like more people to come by and enjoy our wit, reviews, rants, and nonsense.  So, extra entries will be given to those that share the love, so to speak.

Extra Entries
1 extra entry for being a follower on twitter (let us know your name if it’s not obvious)
1 extra entry for announcing the contest on your blog (please provide a link in the comment, or email us at communitygum (at) gmail)
1 extra entry for being a youtube subscriber (let us know your youtube name if it’s not obvious)

Each extra entry you earn can be the same player or a different player if you’d like.  It should be a different achievement number and serial number, however.  It’ll do you no good to pick the exact same card 2-4 times!  Remember, it’s just as easy as picking a player, the stat, and the front serial number.

With the holiday season coming up and everything, I want people to have ample chance to sign up.  I should have the boxes by December 21st, but I’ll give everyone until 11:59pm CST on Friday January 8th.  I’ll open the boxes on video on the following day, naming off player, achievement and serial number for each base card and then I’ll sift through the entries to determine the winners, and emails will go out shortly after.

The List
These are the players you get to pick from, in alphabetical order for easy finding.  I’m taking rookies off the list, because they don’t have the high-numbered achievements and it would make things a little too easy.  Below is the list of veterans along with the stat their card goes to in parenthesis.  If the player has more than one card in the set, I’m using the one that goes up the highest number to make things more interesting.  If the player’s stat is less than 50, I’m not including it.  You’ll notice some of these have two numbers.  Albert Pujols #13 (195) – means Albert Pujols has multiple cards in the set and I’m only using card #13 for the contest.  Card #13 has variations for his stat ranging from 1-195.  So, you would be picking a number between 1-195 if you choose Albert as your player.  Still confused?  Only worry about the number in bold.

Player Name, card # (stat to choose)

Adrian Gonzalez card#106 (stat up to 100)
Albert Pujols #13 (195)
Alex Rodriguez #1 (518)
Alfonso Soriano (170)
Andy Pettitte (201)
Aramis Ramirez (92)
Brad Hawpe (150)
Brian Roberts (50)
C.C. Sabathia #51 (209)
Carl Crawford (50)
Chase Utley #60 (75)
Daisuke Matsuzaka #142 (201)
David Ortiz #17 (52)
Derek Jeter (214)
Derrek Lee #97 (50)
Dustin Pedroia (50)
Eric Byrnes (50)
Erik Bedard (221)
Frank Thomas (513)
Freddy Sanchez (200)
Gary Sheffield (480)
Hanley Ramirez #92 (125)
Hunter Pence #10 (147)
Ichiro Suzuki #63 (238)
Jeff Kent (125)
Jeremy Guthrie (123)
Jim Thome (507)
Johan Santana #87 (245)
John Smoltz (207)
Jonathan Papelbon (75)
Jose Reyes (78)
Ken Griffey Jr. (147)
Magglio Ordonez (54)
Manny Ramirez #118 (174)
Mariano Rivera (50)
Mark Teixeira (194)
Matt Holliday #125 (216)
Mickey Mantle #6 (89)
Miguel Cabrera #139 (195)
Miguel Tejada #68 (50)
Mike Lowell (120)
Nick Swisher #104 (100)
Pedro Martinez (313)
Placido Polanco (200)
Prince Fielder (50)
Robinson Cano (78)
Ryan Howard #28 (149)
Scott Kazmir (239)
Tim Lincecum (150)
Tom Glavine (303)
Travis Hafner (100)
Trevor Hoffman (524)
Troy Tulowitzki (99)
Vladimir Guerrero #135 (125)

If anyone has questions, let me know!  I know it looks complex on the surface, but it’s really only going to be complex for me to keep track of everything.  I want to give away these boxes, so spread the word, and good luck!  As they say, “Somebody’s going to Lotto, might as well be you!”

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