Pack Lottery Contest Update

The boxes are here!

A-Rod's excited. Are you?

I’ve had these in my possession for a few days now, and they are calling out to me.  I’m ready to rip and get the contest underway!  But…I’ll be nice and stick to the original deadline.  You still have until January 8 to get your entries in.  To learn how the Pack Lottery Contest works, you can find the original post here.

It’s been a huge success already.  So far, we have 28 participants with a total of 47 entries earned!

Due to the confusing nature of my rules (and, let’s face it, the set from whence they came), some of these entries are incomplete or have been earned but not filled out.  If your name is on this list, please leave a comment filling in the appropriate blanks to give yourself the best chance to win.

Everyone is to pick a player, a stat up to whatever that player’s stat is, and a serial number up to 150.  Several of you either forgot about the third number, or based it off of the stat, rather than /150.  I hope I’m making sense.

Play at the Plate:  Ichiro Suzuki, 212 __??__ (you put down #212/238, but I don’ t have anything for the serial #/150)
Play at the Plate:  Ken Griffey Jr., 121, __??__ (you put down #121/147, which is what his stat goes up to.  Do you want to use 147/150 for your third number?)
Nachos Grande:  Ken Griffey Jr., 112, __??__ (you put down 112/147, which is what his stat goes up to.  Do you want to use 147/150 for your third number?)
Cards on Cards:  Albert Pujols, 107, __??__ (I don’t have anything for the serial #/150)
Cards on Cards:  Matt Holliday, 105, __??__ (I don’t have anything for the serial #/150)
bd — (no blog listed in the comment field):  Albert Pujols, 18, __??__ (I don’t have anything for the serial #/150)
Slangon: Jose Reyes, 64, __??__ (you put down 34/78, which is what Reyes’ stat goes up to.  Do you want to use 38/150 as your third number?)

The following people have earned extra entries by either subscribing to our YouTube, following us on Twitter, or plugging the contest on their blogs, but did not provide me with an extra guess.

BA Benny: It looks like you can guess two more cards
Dawg Bones: I show you can guess one more card

New contestants are welcome to enter here or through the original post.  Before the break, I’ll list everyone’s choices (since I got a couple through email with links to plugs) so you all know there’s no funny business.  I’m excited!  It’ll be like a second Christmas!

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