John Leguizamo On Baseball Cards

My girlfriend came home last night listening to the podcast of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and informed me that John Leguizamo (yes, The Pest himself) was on the show and the questions were about baseball cards. She rewound the episode so I could hear them. I knew all three answers (and you likely will too) but I thought I’d share the link since it’s so rare that baseball cards get any legit press.

Pretty fun stuff- it’s good to hear someone mention the ’89 Score Paul Gibson in any capacity! Two small quibbles, of course. 1.) I’m not sure I agree that Topps invented modern baseball cards. Pretty sure Bowman played a part in that, even if Topps picked the right size. 2) I wonder if Topps was bummed that the only question about a Topps card was a super famous (and probably a little racist) mistake they made in their early days.



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