2010-11 Panini Crown Royale Box Break

We were sent a tiny little box of awesome hockey goodness by Panini to break and review for our fine readers. e were happy to oblige and bring you this little gem of a video break. Not many packs, but a whole lotta hits! Check out the video below!

N2shabs! (That’s my new shorthand for “not too shabby”). Keep an eye outfor our full review and whatnot later this week!

4 comments to 2010-11 Panini Crown Royale Box Break

  • Love the break and love the set. Still too rich for me to drop money on a box of it yet, but would love to know what you guys are doing with the base cards and inserts. I’ll keep checking the blog! Additionally, you guys did pretty well with the names!

  • That’s the first ‘Razor’s Choice’ award card I have seen pulled as well. They look very shiny. I agree that the on-card autos go a long way in making this product worth the price tag. Sick,sick,sick pull on the Crosby/Stamkos/Ovie card!!
    You guys did pretty well with the names. Palmieri will never be an elite star in the league but with some seasoning he will definitely be a player who can make his mark in the league.
    If you are up for trading any of what you pulled, I collect Kiprusoff and would be happy to give that card a home. LMK

    Enjoyed the break.

  • You guys are the Lourel and Hardy of box breakers. Fantastic job with this break, I hope you can find the time to do more of these videos from time to time as I absolutely love them.

    Although, I disagree with LongFly…you guys butchered most of the names 😛

  • […] us free boxes of cards to review.  One of those boxes was our favorite of the bunch was the 2010-11 Panini Crown Royale Hockey where we found a beautiful triple patch card seen below. Holy […]

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