Reviewing That Offer From Last Night

Faithful readers and aimless internet wanderers alike saw my post late last night about what I should do with my Carl Yastrzemski die-cut card.  I listed several different options, but the most popular one was to go for the 16 card trade that involved an Ernie Banks die-cut, so that’s the one I’m going to go with.  You can find the original post here. Thank you to everyone that gave feedback.

Let’s take a look at that trade one more time.  For science.

Remember this?

One 1964, then jump a decade for the start of the rest. Check.


Hold on.  This doesn’t look quite right. I don’t remember all of these, but I didn’t really pay attention to the middle cards.

Some of these look familiar, I guess

Okay, something’s not right.  But as long as Ernie’s there, it’s all good.

Oh, fer....

What the heck?  Mr. Cub was replaced with Mr. Phantom of the Opera.  Upon further review, this is a new trade partner with a different user name.  Same cards for the most part, which is really peculiar.  Same amount of cards.  I wonder if a couple major dealers are trying to pull bait and switches on people?  Is it possible some dude saw my post and tried to sneak a fast one by me?  Highly unlikely, right?  But it seems like someone was trying to pull one over on someone.  The Banks offer is gone.  Hopefully it was grabbed by someone else.  I couldn’t even check until after work, so I knew there was a chance anything I posted yesterday may be taken by another.

I’m just glad my mistrust of people compelled me to look over the trade with the same number of cards and same starting picture before automatically checking “accept.”

I do have a 3 die-cut offer now, but it’s Alex Rios, Justin Morneau and Mark Reynolds.  Also Tom Seaver popped up in die cut form.  I think I’ll wait this out a little bit longer.

Nice try coolsportsdude, if that is your real name!

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