Topps Lineage Baseball Is On Its Way!

For everyone who participated in our first ever Community Case Break, your packages are in the mail! We’ll have a full breakdown of stuff soon (though not too soon since I leave for Reno at 3AM on Monday), but for now you’ll just have to enjoy knowing that the people who bought in are going to get some sweet cards in no time!

Thanks again everyone for a great break- check out our uStream channel if you want 1+ hour of bad puns and Braves. Lots and lots of Braves…

7 comments to Topps Lineage Baseball Is On Its Way!

  • Lots, and lots, and LOTS of Braves. I started late, but I watched the video the night it was posted. I just kept saying “damn.” I almost decided to buy in to a couple eBay Lineage case breaks for Braves cards. Had a good time, looking forward to a massive amount of Matt Cain base cards I’ll never be able to trade away.

  • Dude, you’ll be able to build a SWEET Matt Cain house of cards though. Thanks for participating- lots of fun and lots of lessons learned by all!

  • Gary

    Got mine in the mail today. You guys don’t waste any time. Thanks again!

  • Play at the Plate

    I finally finished the video. Great job guys!

  • Received my stack ‘o Braves Saturday. I’ll have a big thank you post up on my blog soon!

  • My package arrived in the mail yesterday. Even though I only got one of the big “hits,” I got a ton of the inserts which is exactly why I joined the break. I got a little of everything: box topper, 3D cards, cloth stickers, standups, Venezuelan cards, chrome and minis. Loved it. Thanks again for hosting the break and getting the cards out so quickly (and well packaged).

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