Two For One Special

No, I’m not talking about any of our recent case busting adventures.  I’m talking about a trade! Ha, fooled you again.  One day you’ll stop falling for it by not coming back to our blog ever again.  But since you’re here, how about you check out a couple cards, eh?

A long time ago, I opened 7 magical boxes of Fleer products for a group break, the last of which can be found here.  I’m sure you can find the others pretty easily from there.  A good portion of the teams were filled, but not all.  I’m not left with a couple big stacks of goodies from random teams that I’d still love to trade away.  I also ended up with a Jeter Auto /25 that isn’t getting me the kind of monetary return I’ve been hoping for.  Isn’t that guy supposed to be popular?

Anyway, one card I was able to move was a sweet Joe Mauer relic.  Not as sweet as the Canary relic we found in our Lineage case, but still an awesome find considering some of the Schmo Schmauers I could have ended up with instead.

Brian over at Play at the Plate felt compelled to make an offer I really couldn’t pass up.  In exchange for my one numbered relic, he sent over these two unnumbered pieces of awesomeness.

I love the branded relics

There’s that rebar again.  I wonder if this came from the same photo session as the 2001 Upper Deck card.  The pictures look similar enough.  Either way, you can be pretty sure he didn’t hit that grand slam with it.  And I’m only slightly disappointed that I don’t have a branded metal shaving on the front of my card.

I can't tell where the card ends and where the void begins

Both of these relics are very thin and fit in regular toploaders.  That’s a good thing since I was low on the 75pt-ers.  The back of this card shows why thicker can sometimes be better.  There’s a nice bulging box where the relic window appears.  It kind of looks like an advent calendar that you should be able to open.  I can easily see this getting damaged, and in fact it has on an ebay purchase of mine.  This, very very white card is a-ok and damage free.

Thanks again to Brian for the quick and easy trade.  You helped me knock off two of the longest titled cards in my checklist in one shot.  And that, my friends, is special.

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