Quick Group Break Update

To those that have asked (and those that haven’t but may be curious),

I am working on getting the group break posts up and running.

I apologize for the delay, but please understand that opening, videoing, scanning, sorting, uploading, labeling and packaging 11 boxes of cards is a time consuming process. While fun, it is still a large amount of work. On top of that I do still have a full time job, wife, and 2 other businesses that demand some of my attention.  At the end of the day, this is a blog that I write on the side and everything that I do on here (including the case breaks for the business) must be done in my free time.  Because of this, the personal blogging things like this group break can’t always be made my top priority.  If a business or job or family demands my attention, that is going to get handled first.  I’m sure you’d all do the same.

For instance, it happened that we got a case of 2011 Topps Chrome Football in on the same day that I opened the group break boxes.  Andy has been unavailable to help me shoulder the load of this business case, so I had to work on preparing that product (sorting, listing, scanning, etc – I still haven’t even posted that on here!) on my own.  Having to do that solo is not something that could have been predicted whether you choose to believe it or not.

I understand that there are people that have paid money into this break and that means its a higher priority, and it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.  I want to be able to share the results with you and am working diligently to make it happen as soon as I possibly can.  I wish you could see what goes on behind the scenes here sometimes.
I promise I’m not trying to cheat anyone, and I think the people that have participated in past breaks can vouch for me. I don’t like the delay any more than you do. I tried my best, but I won’t be able to get the first part up tonight, as I still have other prior commitments I have to attend (it’s currently 9:15 and I have a meeting at 10pm – after a full day at my regular job).

The intention is not to leave anyone in the dark or to take the money and run.  If it was all about the money you’d all be getting refunds since I ate about half the cost personally.  If anyone would like a refund before we start, please let me know.  Otherwise, I ask that you please be patient. It will be coming soon.

Thank you.

3 comments to Quick Group Break Update

  • jon –

    thanks for the response and explanation. i asked if the way things were playing out was usual because it was my first group break and to be honest, i was more than a little excited to see the videos. i would have been satisfied with a one or two sentence blurb to say ‘the break was cool..video coming by the end of next week” or something to that effect.
    after reading my comment a second time, i can see i came off as an impatient a-hole. i even questioned your integrity. apparently i only had to be patient another 24 hours and the first videos would have rolled. i didnt want to sound like a jerk, but i certainly feel like one.
    no sweat about taking your time – not cuz you’re lazy, but you have a lot of stuff on your plate and this fun thing too. i totally get it. – from here on in, you can add me to the list of people that will vouch for you. hope that’s enough. – oscar

    • Jon

      Delayed response here, but thank you for understanding Oscar.
      What can I say, the pressures of the week caught up to me and I probably responded in a way that I shouldn’t have. You and everyone else of course deserved an update and I was wrapped up in own little world that I didn’t really recognize that properly. Hopefully we can consider it all a big misunderstanding and continue to enjoy the break posts!

  • cool brother. ’nuff said.

    i’ve been enjoying the break posts. looks like fun to open all that product. cant wait to see whos the auto on that baseball !!

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