2012 Topps Series 1 Box Break

I just woke up after spending literally all day and night sorting the 5 cases of 2012 Topps Series One. My back is killing me. But, oh, the fun! (Of ripping, not sorting. Sorting is a nightmare). I won’t spoil anything big because we’ll have our breakdown up by tomorrow at the latest, but let’s just say that we did very well. And, even if we hadn’t, breaking 5 cases of anything was an absolute blast. Here’s the first box out of those 5 cases, broken for your entertainment here on video. Drop us a comment or an email if there’s anything you’re looking for out of Series One and we’ll make sure to set them aside for you. If you’re super impatient, we tweeted the everliving heck out of our whole break so check out our cell phone pics there. Or just enjoy the video until we get our full breakdown up!

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