Free 2003 Leaf Baseball Giveaway Follow-Up

Okay, I’ve tabulated all the comments to see which of you followed the rules and which fell short.  The good news is that nearly everyone that participated actually commented on all five posts.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your address if you haven’t emailed it to us already (communitygum at gmail dot com).

Unfortunately, there were a few teams that are currently unclaimed due to lack of participation.  I’m sorry, but rules are rules and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else that had to slog through the trite of my blog posts if we still gave those cards away.  That means that the following teams were left in our possession.

Baltimore Orioles
Florida Marlins
Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers
Montreal Expos
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants

A couple of these teams even had insert cards.

Now, we’re nice guys here at Community Gum (sometimes), and we noticed that were several participants that did comment on all five questions that walked away empty handed for one reason or another.  3 people were listed as back-ups for teams that ended up going to the original claiming party, and 3 people commented on everything without signing up on the main post.  Here’s what we’re going to do.

Those 6 people (and only those 6 people) will be allowed to select one of the remaining teams to be sent to them for free.  I’m giving top priority to the people that signed up as backups first.  If you don’t want any of the remaining teams, that’s okay since it saves us on shipping.  Anything not claimed after this, I guess will become trade bait? I don’t really know. We’ll figure it out.

First things first. Will the following commenting gurus please select their free team:

Tier 1 – Backups
Captain Canuck
Steve D.
Tier 2 – No Sign Up
San Jose Fuji
Phillip D
Baseball Dad

By the way, there were a couple people that were acting as backups for one team while also being the main claimant for another. We decided it was best to limit it to one team per person, so those people will only get their non-backup choice. If that makes sense.

Once again, thank you to everyone for participating, watching, reading and commenting.  I’m not done with those questions quite yet. They’ll come in handy for future posts.  The responses were great and proves how strong our blogging community is.

We’ll be back to normal posts soon. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

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