All For Naught #2

Our blog was down for who knows how long for who knows why after I posted the first of these. Here’s hoping the same fate doesn’t befall round two.

If you missed the first part, and don’t feel like going back, just know that I’m very grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of bloggers and readers alike.

Alec, who I don’t believe has a blog (Please forgive me if you do and I’m just blanking.  It’s pretty late at the time I’m writing this.), but is a regular commenter and break participant, also recently sent along some cards completely unannounced.  I’m usually not one for entertaining guests, but I just had to make an exception for these fellows.

Maybe his nickname should have been Big Smile

The best part about 1992 Upper Deck is the photo selection.  Even a standard portrait shot like this looks cool in comparison to those other card companies.  Then, when you add a different photo on the back (which I rarely, if ever, scan) that’s equally good, you can’t help but love it.  I’ll show the back once I land the gold hologram version.

I think he's searching for an end to the foil

Alec included a couple of these Elite cards.  Even before I get to the second one in the post, I’ve run out of things to say about it.  It’s tough when it looks like every other Elite set ever made.

Expect to see a couple more of these, too

That big gray box looks like a snowy TV reception.  I fully realize that there are already some people out there who may not know what that is.

Preparing for the hidden ball trick. Step 1) show the ball

What are the chances Topps brings back Gallery next year?  I mean Archives is back this year (join our case break!), so who knows.  Everyone loves Gallery, don’t they?

See, I told you

My relief pitchers haven’t been doing so hot lately.  Marmol lost his job as closer and can’t find the strike zone.  Wood also seems to walk everybody, but also has an astronomical ERA.  At least he threw his “I suck” glove and hat into the stands.  Now he should get better.  I don’t even know why he wore that glove to begin with.

You've seen this before, too

Those that pay extra close attention will notice that I’ve posted this card once before.  Alec sent over what turned out to be a replacement for a dinged up card.  Now, I will say that upgrading my collection is not my top priority.  I’d rather get one of everything and then go back and upgrade as needed, but I’ll never turn down upgrades and I do feel the need to mark which ones are eligible for a revisit (at least in my warped, ever-changing mind) in my spreadsheets.

Wood returns!

This card is from last year’s Update set and it’s awesome for a couple reasons.  One, it marks Kerry Wood’s reintroduction to fans upon resigning with Chicago.  Two, Reed Johnson is sporting the Ron Santo tribute hat in the background.  I have a couple other versions of this card that I found in blasters, which I’ve shown on APTBNL, but not here…yet.

Is it elitist to say I don't like Elite?

Yup. I got nothing.  It’s very silvery. It has blue on the top and bottom. Fingerprints love it.

One more of these

I think with this card in my possession, I no longer need to buy a box of Fleer Genuine.  Not that I would buy a box just for three cards.  Okay, maybe I would, but I’d most likely use the rest for a group break or trade situations.  I’ll just pick something else now instead.

Also in need of an upgrade - it's beat all to hell

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted a Maddux Moments & Milestones card, which is crazy considering I have a ton from a lot and other boxes I’ve opened (small obsession).  Let me refresh your memory as to how this works.  For the 2008 set, I’m going to give a recap of each win.  For 2007, I guess I’ll tell you the situation for each of these strikeouts.  It’s featuring the 199 K’s from his 1992 NL Cy Young season.

Strikeout #93
June 30, 1992 – Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets

On his way to a complete game win (score 3-1), Maddux recorded his 9th of 10Ks against a swinging Dave Madagan for the first out in the top of the 9th inning.

Always with the batting cage background

I like to save the best cards for last.  In this case I’m considering the Dempster the best for a couple reasons.  This marks my first Gypsy Queen card of his (So many minis….) and it’s another new Ryan Dempster card.  I’m finding they show up in trades much less frequently anymore.  That’s understandable, but it makes me appreciate them more when I do get one.

Alec, thanks a lot again for all your continued support of our blog and for being so kind and thoughtful to send these my way.  I can’t thank you enough.

2 comments to All For Naught #2

  • Alec

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked them. I believe in sending cards onto where they’ll be appreciated most, which surprisingly isn’t always a box in my house…
    And no, I don’t have a blog of my own yet, but maybe I will someday!

  • Play at the Plate

    I don’t remember that Dempster. I like the batting cages behind him.

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