I Did (Part Of) It All By Myself!

In all the excitement of this latest flurry of sticker trades (and I still have a couple more to go), I forgot all about showing off the pages that I completed myself.

Every year (read “both”), I buy a few handfuls of packs to give me a head start and get the doubles pile ready to trade.  For the 2011 album, all my buying got me a whopping zero completed pages.  I think I bought something around 20 packs and turned my luck around.  Imagine if the trend continues with the 2013 book coming in just a couple months.

Orioles Before

What a nice surprise the Orioles were this year, eh?  Especially for me because I don’t pay any attention to the AL at all.  But, looking at this roster…yup. Surprising.

Orioles After

By the way, Matt Weiters still doesn’t have a Topps card.  I believe he has an exclusive deal with another company (UD?).

Red Sox Before

We can all pretty much agree that the Red Sox are cursed again, right?

Red Sox After

Maybe they felt bad that they left the Cubs behind and decided to fall back so they didn’t have to walk alone.

Yankees Before

Okay, this is where the whole numbering system falls completely apart.  You know how I’ve complained about it before.  Look, Jeter is first, but #21.  The second sticker is #19.  Now, normally, the player in the upper left is the guy in the background.  Not here. Nope.  And of all the Yankees to chose to be the poster boy, you pick horse face, while ruining your broken-ass system.

Yankees After

And of course, we have the typical mascot:  Mickey Mantle.

Rangers Before

Is it me or does Josh Hamilton look like the Joker?  Jack Nicholson joker.

Rangers After

I think only the horse is left after this off-season.

Brewers Before

I think the 2013 album should be half players and half sausage racers.  Petition, anyone?

Brewers After

Bernie can stay, too.  He’s cool with me.

Cardinals Before

Hmmm, maybe there’s been a little too much Cardinals on this blog.  Let’s cover up this stupid happy grill.

Cardinals After

Close enough, I guess.  Look!  A Molina card.  Well, sticker.

Terrible team to be ending this on, but that’s how these things shake out sometimes, I guess.  The good news is that it wasn’t the last page I needed.  In fact, there are only two more left to show.  Can you figure out which ones they are?  Hint:  It’s not worth going back and looking.

1 comment to I Did (Part Of) It All By Myself!

  • Brian

    Hi, was just reading through some of your baseball card posts and saw this one. Do you have any 2012 Topps MBL stickers left to either trade, sell, or give away? My son needs a ton for his book and we are getting so many dups in each pack. I’d be more than happy to send a few $$ via PayPal to you for some if you have any. Thanks for considering my request. – Brian in NY

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