Not Quite Westminster

We’re only a week or two removed from the biggest dog show of the year.  Banana Joe the Affenpinscher took away Best in Show.  Now he gets to make the rounds in the media and across the country to various other smaller dog shows.

Sort of like the one that’s happening in Chicago this weekend.  I don’t know if Banana Joe will be there, but a whole mess of other puppies will be.  And I might be.  I know my wife is going, and I may tag along.

I’ve been once before.  It’s fun walking around behind the scenes and seeing all the different types.  It’s almost like window shopping.

Except we already know the types of dogs we want to get once we finally get a house.  We have the names picked out and everything.  In fact we have preemptively named a few generations of puppies.


If we were to get a dachshund type dog, I think we’d have to go with Pickles.  Just like my last puppy post, it’s inspired by the Animal Planet series Too Cute.  I prefer more creative names, but my wife seems hard set on Pickles.  Either way, this card is going to be the closest thing to a Daschund we’re likely to own for many many years.  Have to stick to the plan, after all.

Our new best friend here, and the cards below him (yup, that’s a him) are courtesy of Nachos Grande.

I don't recognize Tyler Houston. I'll assume failed prospect.

These Cubbies are packing material for me since I’m not a team collector, but I think I know of another seldomly heard from Community Gum blogger that would want the Mark Grace.  They served to protect Pickles and the rest of the goods.

Open your eyes, buddy. Look at your trophy!

Okay, maybe “goods” is a flexible term.  Either the photographer caught him mid-blink or he’s been using some non-steroid illegal drugs.

Lineage didn't have much of one

I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that the youngster simply doesn’t take good photographs.  One more thing he has to learn.  1) picture posing. 2) Defense.

I think he knows I'm talking crap about him

The photoshopped texture doesn’t help this portrait either.  Good thing he’s paid to hit the ball and not pose for GQ.

Can't you throw the guy a bone and fix his teeth?

Man!  Not even a drawing can save face — pun intended.  By the way, his highlight of course is from his MLB Debut performance setting the rookie record of 6 RBI in his first game thanks to a 3-run homer and 3-run triple.

That's more like it.

Well, that’s one way to solve the problem.  Avoid the face altogether.

Thank you very much to Nachos Grande for the great trade.  Please, trade with with the guy.  He’s begging for more packages!

All these young Starlin cards are a huge help to my young collection, but I think we’d still both prefer to have a real life young dog instead.  And no, we’re not going to name him Starlin.  Or Castro.

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