Semi-Weekly Trade Bait #3 – Moments & Milestones #3

I’m back with what I hope will be a regular series.  Did you miss the other installments?  Well, you can either scroll down a couple posts or check out the “Trade Bait” link at the top of the blog.  There’s a 1/1, some other low numbered parallels and a few autos among others in there.

Today, I’m back with several more packs from the box.  Remember, I’m opening a pack each day from my rainy day box and then showing related cards from 3 other Moments & Milestones boxes I’ve opened in the past.  This installment brings us just over the halfway point in the 18 pack box.

Also, I’ve been slow to respond to people that have expressed interest.  Consider the cards yours and I’ll be emailing you soon, if not tonight!

pack 7

So, I may have a taker on the Ryan Howards, but feel free to lay claim in case I don’t.  He’s been everywhere in this box.  Also, we can say the Young belongs to PATP, but have at the rest.

pack 8

I’m showing the next pack before getting into the “extras” because I waited a day to scan and so they’re combined.  Very nice surprise finding two black parallels in this pack.  I don’t remember having that happen before.

other Griffey and Hafner

First up, KGJr.  My guess is Junior Junkie may want these?  There’s a black parallel from 2007 too.  Then we have three Hafner parallels including a blue!

more Hafner and others

even more Gronk.  That’s his nickname, right?  A few Mike Lowells for some reason and an extra Swisher.  The rest of the guys hadn’t shown up for me before.

pack 9

We have a lot of repeating players at this point.  I said that Pujols was likely to show up, and there he is.  I’m reserving these along with all the other Cardinals for Madding since I currently owe him big time.  The Thome is as an Indian if it matters to you and Swisher rears his head again as a black version.

More Pu

Here’s the rest of Al and Adrian.  The rest of the guys we’ve seen.

pack 10

Here we enter the second half of the box.  I could tell right away that we hit a relic.  The pack was much thicker than the others.  The black Maddux was a nice bonus.  Still, I think I’m willing to trade this too because it’s too low numbered for my collection.  Make me an offer.

other Alex'

Here’s the second third of my A-Rods.  And no, this isn’t a re-scan. I’ve hit the relic before.  The set only has the one.  It’s a piece of wall and it looks really nice.  It’s also likely the only unnumbered card in the whole product and not that incredibly rare.  I think they fall about one per case, but oddly the lack of variation hurts it.  All that really means to you is that there are 2 for trade!


I figured we would end on a happier note.  How about 6 Vlad cards, 3 of which are black parallels?  I know someone must want these, right?  Quick, before I decide to collect him for realsies.

3 comments to Semi-Weekly Trade Bait #3 – Moments & Milestones #3

  • yes, yes, YES. Allll the Cardinals. not that I’m, er, greedy or anything.

  • Play at the Plate

    Jon…I can’t look at any of your wantlists. They won’t let me go past line 102 or something like that. I don’t know if it’s my ‘puter or your list.

    • Jon

      Hi Brian, I just checked all of the links and they seem fine to me. They all need to load more rows once it gets to about 102, but after that it loads the full spreadsheet. My guess is you fell victim to a slow internet connection or computer. Let me know if you just want me to email the raw xls instead

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