It’s Not What You Think

Okay, it’s exactly what you think.  It’s a trade post.

Hey, don’t complain too much.  A) It’s something to post besides endless Moments & Milestones cards (still plenty up for trade, just click the tab at the top to lead you to the goods), and B) I’m one step closer to being caught up, and C) I really like the cards I get from trades and I plan to show them off, dang it!

This quick grouping of cards comes courtesy of Night Owl.  I’m still getting caught up from the packages that resulted from my 3 blaster 2013 Series 1 break, but I think this is the last of them.

Shinier in person

You may think that this is regular old, new insert card, but it’s actually the Holofoil version found in rack packs only.  I believe this white version is from Wal-Mart.  That makes 3 versions in hand.  Now I just need the mini, the auto and the relic versions.

Tinier in person

You may think this is a normal A&G card, but actually….okay you can tell it’s a mini.


You may think this is a normal mini, but it’s actually an SP mini.  Depending on the year, these can actually be tougher to get than some of the parallel versions.

taller in person

You may think that Tony is squinting in the hot sun, but actually he’s upset that these older Bowman cards are just a little too tall for the 9-pocket pages.  Tony cares like that.

See, he cares in person

You may think that I can tell what card Tony is signing, but I can’t.  But seriously?  Ball point pen?

glossier in person

You may think this is a 1983 rookie card, but it’s actually one of those Cards Your Mom Threw Out inserts from a couple years back.  Oh those original backs are going to cause some confusion, I forsee.  This is not an original back, and thus easily identifiable.

swoopier in person (I'm stretching, I know)

You may think this is a Castro rookie card, but it’s actually his Rookie Debut card from the same set.  What a debut it was, too.  I’m hoping his anemic offense was just a one-season thing.  I’m also hoping the new manager brings in a new hitting and pitching coach.

goldier in person

You may think that someone’s kid highlighted the card yellow, but it’s actually a gold foil parallel from last year’s Archives and it’s much more gold like outside of the scanner bed.  It’s also a reminder of how I haven’t even seen a 2013 Archives card yet.

Maybe that will change in the next round of trades I’m conducting.  Time will tell.  Night Owl will be there.  I’m shipping off more Dodgers to him soon, and you should too!

You may think this is the end of the post, and you’d be right.

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