Congratulations, Ryan Dempster!

Hooray!  The Not-Cardinals won the World Series!

You know what that means?  It means another player I collect is a World Champion.  That makes 3 out of 7 (although only up to 5 can potentially achieve it).  Ryan Dempster pitched in only 1 game, and only 1 inning, and only gave up 1 run on a homer (to Matt Holliday in game 1 when the Red Sox were already up 8-0).  He actually pitched a mere 3 innings over the entire post-season, but he only gave up that 1 run while striking out 3 and walking none.  I’d say that’s good enough for a ring.

It’s been quite a ride for Ryan, as he’s bounced around several teams.

Object may be smaller than it appears

His Mini Gold card up there went on a little journey as well (which is my first and currently only 2013 Dempster card).  I bought it off ebay for the bare minimum but it never arrived.  A couple weeks passed and I contacted the seller and he said it was shipped but couldn’t give me a tracking number for some reason.  When I asked for one, he simply gave me a refund.

I figured it long gone and kept searching on ebay to see if it popped up again. It never did, but after another week or two, it appeared in my mailbox.  Inside the new bubble mailer was a used bubble mailer.  The original one used to ship it.  For some reason, it was marked “unclaimed” and sent back.  Here’s the weird part.  My mailbox is plenty big enough to handle a one-card bubble mailer.  We also have parcel boxes.  When that doesn’t work, I regularly get notices to go pick up my packages from the Post Office.  I got none of that.

Well, I appreciated the honesty of the seller.  He certainly didn’t have to send it back out to me after all that, but he did, so I went and paid him again through paypal.  The seller was Karl’s Kards for those interested and I am quite happy with his honesty and integrity.

It was a happy ending for me and Ryan.

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