A Short History of the World Series on My Birthday

There are a few good things about having a birthday in late October.

As a kid, you get presents and then a bag full of candy a few days later, which is basically like presents from strangers.  The weather is cooler (although sometimes too cool or wet).  And the baseball postseason is in full swing.

When I was younger, I always rooted for the World Series to end on my birthday.  It didn’t matter who was playing, I just wanted it to happen on my day.  Unfortunately, it never really happened when I followed baseball regularly.

From what I can tell in my limited searching, it’s happened a few times:
1996 – The Yankees beat the Braves in game 6
1997 – The Florida Marlins win their first World Series in game 7
2000 – The Yankees win their 3rd straight in game 5 over the Mets
2005 – The Chicago White Sox won their first championship since 1917 in game 4.  In fact, they won two games on my birthday, because game 3 went so long, it didn’t technically end until after midnight.

The scan doesn’t show it much, but this is the 8X10 version

The 2005 is the only one I vividly remember.  I actually watched that one.  It was great to see a Chicago baseball team win the whole thing, and yes I did root for them.  While Frank Thomas didn’t get to play, he still did get a ring from that team.

The parallels on this set look nice

A lot can change in 10 years, and I’m not just talking about players changing teams.

Call answered

And I’m not talking about how licenses turn into exclusives and card companies close.

There’s a dufex Pujols on the other side

I’m talking about how 10 years after the 2005 World Series, the games don’t even start until after my birthday.  That means there would be absolutely no chance for the Cubs (or any team) to win on my birthday.  I don’t know if there will be another opportunity with the expanded playoff structure.

This set is great…and cheap

Well, if 2005 was the last one, then at least it was a good and exciting one.  All I know is that even if a winning baseball game can’t happen on my birthday, I can always buy myself cards.

The rarest card I nabbed in the lot (of Frank, at least)

All of these cards came from baseball boxes that I bought for my 33rd birthday two years ago.  I may not have found any earth-shattering cards of the Big Hurt, but they’re still considered wins in my book.

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