Double Birthday

There was a time when I could put together blog posts and offer up cards for trade on a semi-regular basis.  I even briefly offered up weekly trade bait (which became less frequent).  You can still find those posts over here, and many of those cards are still available – just ask.  I really need to find time to offer up even more trade bait, because 1) I would like my readership to go up again, and 2) I need to get a lot of cards out of my house.  Based on current travel plans, I don’t think this will be possible until Mid-May, but  I’ve been buying tons of boxes to keep me sane while work sucks my life away, but most of the contents are intended to be trade bait and I was opening them for fun.  I just need to have a feeling of consistency, because sometimes it takes days or weeks to respond to personal stuff when work gets too intense.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that our old friend Nick M. took advantage of my previously posted old birthday box trade offerings, and he sent a smattering of cardboard goodies back my way. It’s almost like a double birthday present.

Skip to my lo0—RUN!  Run it out!

We’ll start small…  I have great affection for the 1987 set.  It was the second year of my collecting life and it was glorious.  1986 was the jumping off point, but 1987 was the deep end.

Boy, I really hope we can get him back to this hit leader status

Follow up a mini insert with a retail parallel.  If you have retail parallels, there’s a very good chance that I need them. Please inquire within.

I haven’t seen any of the 2014 or 2015 Chipz yet.

Part of the aforementioned trade bait is Chipz.  I have a bunch of these from free packs associated with boxes bought from Dave & Adams.  Again, feel free to inquire within while I formulate a post.

Perform, you sonuva..

By the way, for those keeping track, my Starlin Castro collecting days are over.  After the trade to the Yankees, which I’ll probably address at some point in the future, I’m out.  Now I need to find a current Cub to take his place.  Aside from a few existing drafts (mostly of Nick M trade posts), I doubt you’ll see a lot of him except as a trade offer.

That “Boston” can’t be real.

I recently tried to win a Pink parallel of this, but my best offer was auto-rejected, which makes me think there really isn’t a good best offer to be made.

Do my eyes deceive me?

Woah!  Nick did the impossible and found a smiling Kerry Wood card.

This is a card

I can’t help but think that the YMCA has some branding deal with 2004 Elite.

Anyone know if this is a real section in Pit?

I’m glad that April is finally here.  I didn’t get to a game in 2015, and I’m itching to get back to Wrigley.  I will be going to a game in San Francisco next month, though.  My first non-Wrigley MLB game.

Pondering the meaning of life

I could never be a catcher…or athlete.  My knees couldn’t handle this position for 3 minutes, let alone a whole game.

Currently has the distinction of being the last card in the binder

Nick comes through with another retail parallel.  I’m still missing the gold foil one if anyone out there might have it.

I think he’s out

This may be a Pirates card, but it’s on my checklist thanks to a featuring role of Mr. Video.

I love the oddball stuff

Sorry for the blurry scan, but that outer edge is pretty crisp, eh?  I can’t tell these coins apart. This belongs to some year.

I don’t think this document is worth saving

This “The Shining” inspired insert was a relatively common one in Showcase boxes.

I mean, it only says “Consummate Prose” over and over

Perhaps that’s how I ended up with two in the same package.  Common or rare don’t matter much to me none.  They’re still needed.

Someone trademarked Midsummer Classic?

Back to Gwynn cards after that detour.  Tony made a lot of All-Star games because he was good at baseball.

A tiny bit of a Beam Team feel

For an insert called “Citement,” it would have been interesting if they went with quotes and cited their sources.

A card for each batting title would be a lot

Do you have some of these Magic Moments cards?  I hope so, because there are a few (all with the same picture) and I need them.  Nick got the party started, so now it’s time for you to come fashionably late.


Oh, hey, I need quite a few of these too, I think.  Both sets also come in chrome versions as well.  Fun stuff.  At least these look slightly different.

Check it.

People complain about today’s Padres uniforms, but these are terrible.

Let the play begin

These cards bring me back to the sort of recent past.  2009 was my gateway back into collecting.  I opened quite a bit of series 2 and found several of these legends of the game inserts.  It’s a nice looking set and will always be a fond memory for me.

These uniforms are better

I don’t know if I would have the same fondness if this were the set I encountered then.  Although maybe.  People grow attached to things for strange reasons.  It’s about the deeper meaning than the thing.

Where’s Waldo?

This insert is a “spot the difference” thing without a second picture to compare.  I think the “error” here is that his left arm is missing.  It could be hiding behind his body, but that’s my guess.  Any other guesses?

Awkward floating head

Let’s see…15 wins divided by 15 seasons equals 1 win per season.  That doesn’t sound so special to me.

Ripe for the relics

Braves Maddux holds the glove like this.  But Cubs Maddux holds the glove like this. <crowd laughs wildly>

I always loved this design

I’m sure I have this in my parents’ basement.  Probably 10 times over, with the amount of 92 Fleer I bought.

I don’t even remember Stacy Jones

I bet I have a bunch of these too.  If anyone needs any 92 Fleer for a set build, let me know and I can check next time I’m back home.

Some pretty good names in the first 28 cards.

The black gold were one per pack this year, right?  If so you’d think they’d be more readily available in the market.  Yet, it took this long to get the regular checklist.  Odd how these things happen.

I would have called this card “Back Scratcher”

Not an emotion.

The ol’ desert highway checklist

Here’s another checklist with a parallel I don’t have.  I’m not sure how I feel about this picture.  That’s not true.  I don’t like it.

Sweet Sears portrait

This year of Upper Deck scares me.  There are a lot of inserts with a bunch of lower numbered awkwardly die cut parallels.  Anyone seen a “Triple” in person?

Kids on the beat. Kids on the street. Beat kids. Beat kids.

Passersby were amazed at the unusually large amounts of blood.  Passersby were amazed at the unusually large amounts of blood.  Passersby…

This is the only one of the 1992 Cy Young Wins cards I have – 19 to go

Win #11
July 17, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates

The 11th win of this Cy Young season was a tough battle.  Maddux pitched into the 9th and allowed 6 hits and zero strikeouts on his way to a 2-1 victory.  This would put his record for the year at 11-8 and lower his ERA to 2.33.

10% done with this stretch of cards – 180 left

Strikeout #2
April 7, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies

The second strikeout of the year came in the first game of the year.  Mariano Duncan struck out swinging in the third inning, which followed his strikeout in the first inning.  If only he could face Duncan every time.

Two-69, dudes

Win #269
September 2, 2002 – Atlanta Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The first start in September would net Maddux his 12th win of the year.  The Pirates managed a solo home run for their only run against the Braves.  7 strikeouts over 8 innings would put the game out of reach.  Greg would go on win 4 of his last 5 starts to keep his 15-win season streak alive.

Two-58, dudes!

Career Home Run #258
April 4, 1998 – White Sox at Devil Rays

Frank’s first home run of the year ties the game against the Devil Rays at 1. Dennis Springer gave up the bomb to left in the top of the 4th on a 1-0 count.

Two-You get the idea, dudes!

Career Home Run #282
August 26, 1998 – White Sox vs. Orioles

Later that year, he hit his 25th home run of the year featured here.  In the bottom of the second, Juan Guzman was already on the ropes, when a 3-1 pitch flew out to score two and increase the lead to 6-1.

Do you know how hard it is to think of new captions for the same card?

Career Home Run #504
August 4, 2007 – Blue Jays vs. Rangers

The 1st inning was a big one.  Already up 2-1, Willie Eyre gives up a three-run homer on the first pitch to Thomas.  Willie didn’t fare much better against him in the third inning.

What’s that supposed to say?

The last card of the trade package is a pretty nice surprise.  Actually, I don’t remember if it was a surprise.  Even if I knew about it, getting a relic as part of a trade is always fun.  Honestly, getting any cards in a trade is fun.  I really hope I get to do it again.

Thanks again, Nick for sending so many great cards. I’m sure I still owe you more Griffey’s for all this stuff.

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