Gint-A-Cuffs VIII: Packs 7-12

Who’s ready for round 2?  The first quarter of the box seemed decent enough.  It’s certainly hard to be upset with an autograph as those become increasingly rare.

Pack 7

Hank Aaron Baseball Legends (+2 Legends insert)
Brett Gardner (-1 for succeeding in the wrong uniform)
Ryan Braun (+2 Numbers Game)
Patrick Corbin (+3 mini SP)

[Quick Update – 8/7/16 – The Commish says that Numbers Games count for +2, so I’ve now updated all the totals so far.]  The Baseball Legends inserts aren’t too bad, but they’re really not different enough from the base design for my tastes.  I’ll wait a bit to comment on the Numbers Game inserts.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +39

Pack 8

Jose Altuve (+2 Numbers Game)
Punalu’u Beach (+2 Natural Wonders)

The Natural Wonders solve the problem of separating themselves from the set, but in the wrong way.  I guess it’s intended to look like a painting in an ornate frame.  But…that gold coloring is little too much.

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +43

Pack 9

Addison Russell (+1 Favorite Team)
Jake Arrieta (+1 Favorite Team)
Clayton Kershaw (+4 = +2 Numbers Game and +2 Favorite Player list)
Amazon Rainforest (+2 Natural Wonders)

I’m on a pretty good run of packs here, all scoring me points.  I can’t be mad about seeing two Cubs in a row with a couple extras in there as well.  There’s no way this can keep up.

Pack Total: +8
Running Total: +51

Pack 10

Colin Cowherd (-1 for insufferable sports talk)
Rick Klein (-1 for mixing politics with baseball cards)
Andy Pettitte (-1 for somehow getting a pass on admitted steroid use)
Canadian Lynx (+2 Ferocious Felines)

See, that deflated things quickly.  The kitty cat card is about the only thing making this pack worthwhile, contest or no.  I like the jungle leaves border on those one per box mini inserts.

Pack Total: -1
Running Total: +50

Pack 11

Mark Teixeira (-1 for working a monster contract and then injuring himself as much as possible)
Corey Seager (+2 Numbers Game)
Bill Peduto (+2 US Mayor insert)

Another freakin’ Yankee.  Why can’t my Cubs show up this frequently?

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +53

Pack 12

Ryne Sandberg Numbers Game (+3 = +2 Numbers Game and +1 Favorite Team)
Bill Peduto (+2 Natural Wonders)

The last pack of the half presents no additional hits, so I’m promised two more in the back side.  So, while it looks like I’m on track for that Mendoza line of 80, I still feel confident I’d make it over the 100 mark.  It would be nice if the baseball minis would pull a bit more weight for me.  It would be nicer if those Yankee pinstripes stop showing up in just about every pack, too.

Pack Total: +5
Running Total: +58

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