Back When People Read This Blog, They Traded With Me, Too

I hate the collateral damage my unpredictable work schedule causes.  It makes sense that readership and engagement with the blog would be down significantly when you don’t post for 6 months at a time.  I don’t care about blog stats, and I don’t look at them. The only reason I care about readers is so that I can make and retain trading friends.

So, I feel bad when people like Mr. Haverkamp doesn’t get his timely recognition.  He’s not the only one that’s been waiting in the wings, and there are trades older than the November 2015 completion date of this yet to be posted, but it is a quicker one to put together and I’m trying to keep this momentum going.

Way back when, I traded him a sepia mini of Mike Schmidt from Gypsy Queen and a couple other things in return for a few goodies we’re about to see.


Sunny in the picture. Cloudy on the border

1993 was the time when parallels started to catch fire and Fleer missed the boat on these.  That gray is drab, but a neat color or metallic shine could have made all the difference.


Sweet, sweet wave

This is now the first card in my Tony Gwynn binder.  Mr. Haverkamp provided me with the oldest Gwynn in my collection so far, and it is glorious


Eyes on the ball, Friar

Oh, and he gave me the second card in my binder, because I didn’t just get ’84 D, but also ’84 F.  No crazy colored borders needed here.


Don’t you dare peel his head

I wish the Topps sticker albums would do several things, but one of them is shaped stickers like this.  You can see how the crowd is mostly cut away here.  I love that concept. You can fit more players on an album page by posing them different ways and creating little scenes.  C’mon, Topps!



Two-Sport Superstar?  Ummm….

Lastly, he sent me a really cool uncut page from the Topps Magazine with a Frank Thomas card.  That’s a great pose, too. Probably from the same session as his first Bowman card, but this one is better.  I most certainly will not be using scissors of folding along the perforations here.

Thank you very much again Mr. Haverkamp for reading in the past and for reaching out to trade with me.  It was a pleasure and I hope that anyone reading now will take advantage of that opportunity when offered.

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