My First Craigslist Card Purchase

I recently started scouring some additional avenues for collectibles.  For whatever reason, I got it in my crazy head that I want to collect all of the games for the Original Nintendo Game Boy (not color or Advance, but original).  I love the system and it was the first console I bought with my own money.  I think many of the games are severely underrated as well.  I have a long way to go, because I only have about 70 of the 500 or so US released titles.

Ebay can only get you so far, and I doubt I’ll find anyone on here that would trade GB games for cards, so I need to expand my scouting.  I’ve downloaded a couple apps and looked at Craigslist periodically.  While I’m there, I might as well look at baseball cards, too.

Most of what is found is not worth the time or overpriced (not surprising).  But, I did find an interesting listing pretty early on advertising the Season Ticket Holder version of the 2013 Cubs set.  For those that don’t know, in 2013 the Cubs had baseball cards as their giveaway over 4 games.  I bought tickets to that package, but was not able to attend all of them due to personal issues or work commitments.

The season ticket holders were mailed a full set of these cards with their tickets, but their version was different.  It had a foil stamp in the corner.

I wanted this set.  I figured they may be pretty tough to come by at this point, but I got lucky.  This guy was offering the whole set for $40 (and would even ship them – no awkward meetings).  Considering I have been selling my extra non-foil stadium giveaway ones for at least $1 each on sportlots, and there are 82 cards in the set, this was a good deal.  Let’s take a look at a few cards that fit my newfound and old collections.

Shocked that two are still with the team, actually

I no longer have the unstamped version, because in the height of prospect mania, I sold them for $20 each.  Keep that in mind, Judge fans.

Gritty smiles

I didn’t mention that these are basically Archives cards.  They run through most of the historical Topps sets with contemporary players.

Reused smile

Some players got multiple cards and it’s not just current stars. There are plenty of all-time fan favorites mixed in.

Yay, Craigslist!

Don’t expect huge originality when the picture selection is concerned.  Recycled and recropped on “new” designs is the quick way to create these.

Ron Santo cap on Reed Johnson makes its blog return

But that’s not a bad thing really.  It’s still great to see a stadium giveaway set again.

The high school notebook set

I thought this was a straight up copy of one of the Topps mini sets, but it turns out I was wrong and Maddux was not part of that year’s set.

Different signature than his “normal” auto

This is significantly different than the 2003 Heritage card, but same basic concept as you well know by now.

Condition sensitive

Maddux was part of the 1971 mini set this same year, but the picture they used is different.  And the team was different too, so that makes sense.

No color swaps here

Here’s the last one I’ll show as I don’t “need” the rest of them.  If anyone wants some from the stamped set, let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll be listing them on Sportlots and probably make my money back after a while.  Gotta love a good deal!

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